Gunfire Graffiti: Brazen Unchecked Gun Use in the UK

Gunfire Graffiti: Brazen Unchecked Gun Use in the UK

by Matt Seiber


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Hitherto uncovered crime - which is being ignored by police and authorities; A book on a completely new aspect of crime and punishment; As featured on BBC Radio, and in national and local newspapers; Colour photo section. Gunfire-Graffiti looks at the use of firearms to deface roadside structures and similar targets in public places. Based on investigations by the author and formal research, the book reveals what some people may think is a disturbing picture of gun use-one which passes largely unnoticed or is for some reason downplayed by the police, highways and other authorities.

As the author shows, at the very least this kind of 'graffiti' is antisocial whilst it is hard to imagine circumstances in which it is not also criminal. Further, there are situations in which shooting in public can be highly dangerous. Focusing on the weapons used, from simple airguns to high velocity rifles and giving information from diverse parts of the UK, Matt Seiber paints a picture of tolerated lawlessness which some readers will find extraordinary. A former Royal Marine and keen shooting sportsman, the author writes with the passion of someone whose deep-held concern that something is amiss has met with indifference in various quarters. His approach also displays telling humour born of frustration. It is now for the reader to decide.

'Excellent, Seiber presents an interesting exploration of a much overlooked topic, exploring an avenue of gun crime that is presently lacking in research': Sarah Watson, Coventry University.
'This book is an eye-opener': Nick Ross, TV Presenter.
'Seiber illuminates an area which has received surprisingly limited attention': British Journal of Community Justice.

Matt Seiber is a former Royal Marine and a keen shooting sportsman. His interest in the subject matter of this book has led to media appearances and national newspaper features. He set up the Gunfire Graffiti Project in 2008.

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Publication date: 01/03/2012
Pages: 168
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