Gurps Compendium: Character Creation

Gurps Compendium: Character Creation


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ISBN-13: 9781556342905
Publisher: Jackson, Steve Games, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/01/1997
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 8.37(w) x 10.83(h) x 0.48(d)

Table of Contents

About the Compiler4
About GURPS4
Attribute Levels and Their Meanings6
Low Attributes as Disadvantages6
"Enhanced" Strength7
Optional Rule: Redefining Hit Points and Fatigue7
The Much-Maligned Will: Optional Will Rules8
Basic Damage for ST Above 2010
Extra Effort Lifting with High ST12
Contests of ST for Very Weak or Very Strong Creatures13
Optional Rule: Treating Figured Quantities as Attributes13
Encumbrance Rules for Superhumans and Nonhumans14
Inventing New Advantages16
Lead Into Gold: New Advantages for Old16
Secret Advantages16
Starting From Scratch17
Trading Points for Equipment17
Temporary Wealth18
New Advantages19
Mundane Advantages19
Occult and Paranormal Advantages33
Racial and Super Advantages49
Natural Attacks72
Inventing New Disadvantages75
Turning Old Problems Into New75
Secret Disadvantages75
Brand-New Problems76
Doing Away With Disadvantages76
New Disadvantages77
Social Disadvantages77
Physical Disadvantages79
Mental Disadvantages86
Occult and Paranormal Disadvantages96
Racial and Super Disadvantages101
4.Enhancements and Limitations107
Modifying Advantages and Disadvantages108
Turning Enhancements On and Off108
Linked Enhancements and Limitations108
Learning Skills114
Quick Learning Under Pressure: Optional Learning Rules114
Mastery - High Skill vs. Diversity114
Intensive Training116
Extraordinary Diligence to Maintain High Skill116
Recognizability of Skills117
Skill Degradation117
Using Skills118
Like the Back of My Hand: Further Definition of the Area Knowledge Skill118
The Gift of Tongues
Optional Language Rules119
Firearms Specialization and Familiarity119
Other Approaches to Language Skills120
Gadgets and Gadgeteering121
Inventing Gadgets121
Gadgeteering During Adventures123
Quick Gadgeteering123
Vehicle Skill Specializations123
"Gizmo" Gadgets124
Inventing vs. Gadgeteering125
Gadgets for Non-Gadgeteers127
New Skills128
Animal Skills128
Artistic Skills129
Athletic Skills131
Combat/Weapon Skills132
Craft Skills136
Esoteric Skills137
Hobby Skills145
Knowledge Skills146
Magical Skills148
Medical Skills150
Military Skills150
Outdoor Skills152
Professional Skills153
Psionic Skills155
Scientific Skills155
Social Skills159
Thief/Spy Skills160
Vehicle Skills161
Creating Maneuvers163
Double Defaults and Maneuvers163
Learning Maneuvers164
Maneuvers and Non-Combat Skills164
Sample Combat Maneuvers165
Maneuvers and Optional Specializations165
Maneuvers and Familiarity165
Just Watch This One! Expanding the Acrobatics Skill with Maneuvers166
Optional Rule: Combinations171
7.Racial Generation173
The Generation Process174
The Rule of 12174
NPC Races vs. PC Races174
Racial Attribute Modifiers175
They Look Like They Look175
How They Think175
Taboo Traits176
Racial Advantages and Disadvantages177
Racial Quirks177
Racial Skills177
Character Cost vs. Racial Strength177
Player-Created Races178
Racial Magic179
Filling in the Blanks179
Personality Traits180
Appendix 1Abbreviations for GURPS Titles181
Appendix 2Advantage Listings182
Appendix 3Disadvantage Listings185
Appendix 4Skill Listings187

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