Gypsy Beach

Gypsy Beach

by Jillian Neal

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Single father, Ryan McNamara, returns to the only place he'd ever been happy, Gypsy Beach. This time he's divorced, broken, but determined to make something of his life.

Sienna Cooper is determined to forget Ryan, the last decade, and all of the hurt he'd left her with. She's got enough spunk and Gypsy fire in her soul to make this work. She's going to run her grandmother's inn and make it a success. But when a chance encounter throws them back together, the passions ignite and the past doesn't feel so far out of reach.

Can they rekindle the love they'd once had? Can he convince her that he never intends to walk away again? Will a potent dose of unending lust, a lifetime of love, and enough hot-blooded Gypsy spirit be enough to save them both?

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BN ID: 2940151509251
Publisher: Realm Press
Publication date: 06/20/2015
Series: Gypsy Beach Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 470,080
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About the Author

Jillian Neal is a Romance author that manages to blend her imagination, Southern sass, and loving heart in every novel she pens. She showed her talent for weaving intricate plot lines and showcasing dynamic characters in her seven-book, urban fantasy, series, The Gifted Realm. Her skillset continues to shine in her contemporary series, Gypsy Beach, which will leave you with a longing to pack your bags and move to a tiny beach town full of bohemian charm.

She lives outside of Atlanta with her husband and their children.

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Gypsy Beach 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
Every now and then a book cover just catches my eye and I think I must read that. I know I know, you should never judge a book by its cover but I like pretty things and when I delved deeper I discovered the inside matched the outside because Gypsy Beachis a lovely journey of finding love for the second time. ‘All she wanted was somewhere that she belonged.’ The old adage out of sight, out of mind doesn't apply to Ryan McNamara and Sienna Cooper. Circumstances separated them and their lives evolved, but the depth of their feelings for one another has never changed. And when they both return to Gypsy Beach, it's not long before the passion between them is reignited. ‘That girl with the wide eyes and Gypsy blood, she's had all of my heart and my entire soul since the moment she first kissed me.’ Ryan and Sienna were perfect for one another and easy to love. In many respects this is a nice fluffy romantic read; beautiful setting, low-angst, sexy and passionate with an injection of cute from Ryan's daughter Evie Grace, but equally there are moments that bring emotion and some light drama, making it an engaging and captivating read. Secondary characters add real value to the story and whilst were parts of the story that I think could have been elaborated on - some elements seemed a little too easy for this couple considering their past, that's minor as Jillian Neal has brought her reader a strong opener to the Gypsy Beach series which was a pleasure to read. Gypsy Love is firmly on my TBR list. Copy received courtesy of a Rock Star Lit PR via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion.
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Gypsy Beach is book one in the Gypsy Beach series by Jillian Neal. This is the story of two people, each who were let down and hurt by the people that were supposed to love and protect them the most. Two people that were down and broken. A little bit of gypsy magic, though, might be just the thing to bring back the dreams they both thought they’d lost. Sienna Cooper and Ryan McNamara were childhood sweethearts. Ryan’s family owned a beach house on Gypsy Beach and always spent their summers there and Sienna’s Grandmother owned an inn on the beach and Sienna’s mother was more than happy to get rid of her for the summer so she could spend time with her beloved gypsy Grandmother. It is during one of these summers that Sienna and Ryan fell in love. They kept in touch during the school years while they were apart, counting the days until it was time to return to each other. Until that last summer when Ryan never showed up. Sienna didn’t hear from him again. She guessed that all of his words of love were just that, words. Now, ten years later, each of their lives have not gone as they might have hoped. Ryan’s family manipulated him, keeping him from returning to Sienna. He ended up in an unhappy marriage but out of that marriage he got a beautiful little girl, Evie. He is in the process of getting a divorce and fighting for custody of his daughter. He has returned to the only place that ever really felt like home, Gypsy Beach. Sienna’s Grandmother has passed away and left her the inn where Sienna has so many wonderful memories. The inn needs a lot of repairs from a recent storm and just from general disrepair but she is committed to bring it back. She has spent the last ten years wandering, never finding the happiness she sought. So she is going back to the place she thinks of as home. She vows to reopen the inn and to make her Grandmother proud. “She was somehow still the only thing in his entire world that made perfect sense.” So how is it that both Sienna and Ryan were each led back to Gypsy Beach at the same time? Could it be a little bit of magic? I’d like to think that’s what it was. These two clearly still loved each other and as soon as they were reunited, it was evident that it was their destiny to be together. They immediately picked right back up but both their lives were still such a mess. The ownership of the inn is in question and Ryan’s custody battle is still looming. How can they make their relationship work with all that is stacked against them? “Another life he was supposed to have lived existed just beyond his reach.” I love beach stories and this one was great. I admit it took me awhile to really warm up to Ryan. He just jumped right back in so fast and so intensely with Sienna. But I realized that for him, really, he had never stopped loving her. The sexy scenes were perfect and steamy. And the ending was so great. What each of these two were willing to sacrifice for the other to make them happy moved me. There were some pretty intense moments at that point. This was my very first book by Jillian Neal. I intend to immediately go into the next book in this series, Gypsy Love, and I’ve been dying to read her series, The Gifted Realm.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
An ethereal romance. Gypsy Beach has an other world quality to it. It is as if an invisible being has lead these two former lovebirds back to each other. Ryan and Sienna each struck out on their own leaving Gypsy Beach and each other behind. Now both are back after experience life's hard knocks. Each has a story to tell and one that is yet to be written. Will the spirit and beauty of Gypsy Beach help these two realize they belong together? Jillian Neal has written a spellbinding story that is electric and heartbreaking. This series is off to a wonderful start.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars Reviewed by Francesca and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog It’s officially summertime and I’m always in search of new reads that will get me all cozy and full of warm feelings. My soft spot for that? Small town romances. An easy story that won’t carry too much angst around, and will make me smile. GYPSY BEACH fits my summer time reading requirements to a tee! The small town of Gypsy Beach is situated in North Carolina, and got its name due to the amount of Gypsies that call the area home. What can I say I’m a sucker for a bit of gypsy magic infused in my reads! This first story is about Sienna Cooper. Her grandmother was a gypsy, much to Sienna’s mothers embarrassment. Sienna on the other hand, is a lot like her. She embraces the free spirit of her ancestors, and has spent a lot of her life jumping around from town to town. As she likes to refer to it as “flying” or running away. Ryan McNamara used to spend his teenage year summer’s at Gypsy Beach with his wealthy family. He fell in love with Sienna. And then life (and his family) had other plans for him. After the way he broke her heart, he was sure he would never find happiness again. Until he decides to come back to Gypsy Beach to settle down and the woman he’s never stopped loving is back in town trying to rebuild her grandmother’s Inn. I loved seeing their second chance at love come together. With a little help from some gypsy magic, some good ol’ town folks, and Ryan’s little girl. There were many things about the book that I found endearing and adorable. The ease of the relationship between Ryan and Sienna, who seem to pick up where they left off without dragging around a whole lot of anger and resentment. The almost constant presence of Sienna’s grandmother that could be felt throughout the book, even though she was no longer with them. I had only one problem while reading but I was able to get used to it as the book went on. The POV was jumping quite a bit without rhyme or reason, so at times the transitions didn’t feel smooth and made me have to re-read a few paragraphs to confirm who’s head I was in. I am invested in seeing the next couple in the series, which will be featuring Ryan’s best friend and lawyer John. Can’t wait to see the big tough lawyer get his dose of sweet and sexy at Gypsy Beach.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great beach read. You can't stop falling in love with the free spirited gypsy and her down and out first love. “Listen to your soul... Gypsies go where the wind takes them. Always let the wind be your guide. If life gives you a gift, accept it even if you do not fully understand it.” “If you’re very lucky, my dear, your home will have a heartbeat.” I loved all the gypsy magic. And always remember  “Gypsies go where the wind carries them, but most time the wind knows just what it’s doing. ” I can't wait to see what she will come up with in Gypse Love.  While you wait... Check out this fantastic PNR series. I absolutely LOVED Jillian's other series The Gifted Realm.  Reading Order Within The Realm(The Gifted Realm book 1) Lesson Learned (The Gifted Realm book 2) Every Action (The Gifted Realm book 3) Rock Bottom(The Gifted Realm book 4) An Angel All His Own (The Gifted Realm book 5) All But Lost(The Gifted Realm book 6) The Quelling Tide (The Gifted Realm book 7) *ARC provide for honest opinion*
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
3 - "There's magic in those sands." Stars. Gypsy Beach is what I would class as perfect summer reading, in that it’s the sort of book you can pick up and put down at irregular intervals on the beach, or wherever you are and not get confused as to what is happening and who is involved. It is also the first book in Jillian Neal’s new Gypsy Beach series, and a pretty good start it is too! I really liked Sienna and Ryan, second chance love is always a trope I enjoy, and if you add in plenty of likeable secondary characters, a cute kid, a little drama and a few plot twists I am usually kept happy in my reading. ”I’ve got you, baby, and I’m never letting you go again.” The plot is a little predictable, but the writing is sound and the author gives great voice to both, Sienna and Ryan. Their struggles getting back together, dealing with their pasts and the people from them, and getting their future on the same track, were well paced and easy to immerse yourself in. My only niggle, and the reason lowered my rating a tad, is that at points, I struggled a little with Ryan’s inner-monologue and with certain ways her verbalized things. To clarify, I felt his voice lent more to how a woman would wish a man to talk, rather than how a man would really think/speak, for example – Slicking his fingers with her dew… Salty pearls of need. I really cannot ever see a guy thinking in those types of phrases (and the above were not isolated, I highlighted descriptive phrasing like this quite a lot). I guess for me Ryan was a little flowery, for want of the better descriptive word. I would still happily recommend this book, it was easy to read, the characters were engaging and the series set up well, it gives great scope for future books from the author. ARC generously provided by Rock Star PR via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
Pamela Anderson More than 1 year ago
You’ll like this book if: A free-spirited coastal town full of quirky Gypsy’s sounds like a good summer read to you. (hint, hint- read it. You’ll love it!) THE STORY: Sienna Cooper and Ryan McNamara fell in love as teenagers. Their entire world was built around their summers spent together on the coastal town of Gypsy Beach. The lively and free-spirited Sienna stayed wither her nana, a Gypsy, and helped her run the Gypsy Inn during the summer months. Until that one summer… Years later, Sienna is back, after a storm has ravaged their beloved beach town. (Also returning is a very broken Ryan McNamara. Yeah. It’s that good!) Determined to rebuild the only place she ever felt truly at home, she follows her ‘vibes’ and ends up with more than she ever expected. A special someone, combined with the memories her soul never released, results in pure magic. MY THOUGHTS: Some stories succeed at pulling us right in- almost like starting the book opened a portal of sorts; a pathway to another world. Gypsy Beach was that exact escape for me. From the prologue, no less! I absolutely adore our protagonist, Sienna, and her zest for life. She exudes the magical gypsy spirit. It’s in her blood, it’s who she is. How stinking awesome to be the reader embarking on this literary adventure with a female lead that is so unique! I was cheering from the get go. “Thank you Jillian Neal for providing us with a unique female lead for this reading journey! Sienna is so unlike typical contemporary leads..she marches to the beat of her own Gypsy drum, and doesn’t wear panties, to boot!” Haha! The most beautiful part of the book was watching the once fiery Sienna, currently jaded by what the world had thrown her way, find her spirit again. Her graceful innocence is returned to her through the healing powers of true love. A love that adds an unexpected edge to her life, and ignites a flame that had never even come close to burning out. The metaphor of reconstructing a beloved structure, beside a human heart regaining its foundation is truly exquisite. All of this is in thanks to Jillian Neal’s writing style that is full of spark and heart warming, spirited fun. She creates dialogue that is easy to follow, and flows beautifully between well crafted scenes. There’s not a lot of fluff going on… each chapter delivers movement which is greatly appreciated! The only thing I would choose to change about this book would be for some of the scenes to be drawn out further, providing more description for our engagement. The book was so good, that I just couldn’t get enough… I wanted more out of each and every scene! Other than that, it was a home run! I’ll be back for the second installment in the series, absolutely!