H. L. Mencken's Smart Set Criticism

H. L. Mencken's Smart Set Criticism


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ISBN-13: 9780895262318
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/2001
Pages: 349
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Editor's Introductionxi
IAmerican Culture1
Diagnosis of Our Cultural Malaise2
Our Literary Centers9
IICritics and Criticism15
William Lyon Phelps and Others15
The Professor Doctors19
Paul Elmer More21
Private Reflections23
Professor Pattee and Professor Sherman26
IIIThe Art of Fiction30
The Novelist as Messiah31
A Definition34
O. Henry38
The Raw Material of Fiction39
Point of View45
IVThe Drama and Some Dramatists49
On Playgoers--And on Hauptmann, Synge, and Shaw49
Getting Rid of the Actor54
Chesterton's Picture of Shaw57
Shaw as Platitudinarian60
Strindberg--A Final Estimate64
The Greatest Stylist of Modern Times68
Lizette Woodworth Reese73
Ezra Pound76
The Troubadours A-Twitter79
Holy Writ88
Huneker in Motley96
An Apostle of Rhythm99
A First-Rate Music Critic103
Hall Caine and John D. Rockefeller106
George Moore109
Henry Ford111
In the Altogether115
VIIIPolitics and Politicians117
The Style of Woodrow119
Vox Populi121
The Taste for Romance132
The New Thought, Dreams, and Christian Science133
Zuleika Dobson137
Havelock Ellis142
Osculation Anatomized144
The Advent of Psychoanalysis147
The Anatomy of Ochlocracy151
XThe Critic as Demolition Expert157
The Way to Happiness158
To Drink or Not to Drink159
A Novel Thus Begins160
The Story of a Resourceful Wife161
A Non-Cure for the World's Ills161
A Faded Charmer162
Earnest Messages163
Brief Dismissals165
Mush for the Multitude166
Lachrymose Love170
Mark Twain
Popularity Index176
Twain and Howells178
Our One Authentic Giant179
Final Estimate182
Friedrich Nietzsche
The Prophet of the Superman190
Transvaluation of Morals194
James Gibbons Huneker
Importer of Foreign Flavors199
Huneker's Confessions204
Oscar Wilde
A Note on Oscar Wilde207
The Accounting of a Tartuffe208
Portrait of a Tragic Comedian210
H. G. Wells
H. G. Wells Redivivus218
Joseph Conrad
Probing the Russian Psyche224
Conrad's Self-Portrait230
A Good Book on Conrad237
Conrad Revisited239
Theodore Dreiser
A Modern Tragedy244
The Creed of a Novelist248
De Profundis256
Anatole France
A Gamey Old Gaul260
Willa Cather
Her First Novel263
Willa Cather vs. William Allen White264
Youth and the Bright Medusa266
James Branch Cabell
A Refined Scoffer268
Sherwood Anderson
Something New under the Sun272
The Two Andersons273
Muddleheaded Art276
Sinclair Lewis
The Story of an American Family279
Portrait of an American Citizen282
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Two Years Too Late286
A Step Forward287
A Book for the Gourmet290
The Nature of Vice292
Novels to Reread294
A Review of Reviewers298
An Autobiographical Note302
The Incomparable Billy303
The Irish Renaissance309
Taking Stock314
The Negro as Author320
Scherzo for the Bassoon322
Fifteen Years324

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