Habsburg Monarchy 1809 To 1918

Habsburg Monarchy 1809 To 1918

by A J Taylor


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ISBN-13: 9780140134988
Publisher: Penguin UK
Publication date: 09/04/1990
Pages: 304

About the Author

A.J.P. Taylor (1906-1990) was one of the most controversial historians of the twentieth century. He served as a lecturer at the Universities of Manchester, Oxford, and London.

Table of Contents

I. The Dynasty II. The Peoples III. Old Absolutism: the Austria of Metternich, 1809-35
IV. Pre-March V. Radical Outbreak: the Revolutions of 1848
VI. Liberal Episode: the Constituent Assembly, July, 1848-March, 1849
VII. New Absolutism: the System of Schwarzenberg and Bach, 1849-59
VIII. The Struggle between Federalism and Centralism: October Diploma and February Patent, 1860-61
IX. Constitutional Absolutism: the System of Schmerling, 1861-65
X. The End of Old Austria, 1865-66
XI. The Making of Dualism, 1866-67
XII. Liberal Failure: German Ascendancy in Austria, 1867-79
XIII. Habsburg Recovery: the Era of Taaffe, 1879-93
XIV. The Years of Confusion: from Taaffe to Badeni, 1893-97
XV. Hungary after 1867: Koloman Tisza and the Magyar Gentry XVI. Democratic Pretence: the Indian Summer of the Habsburg Monarchy, 1897-1908
XVII. Solution by Violence, 1908-14
XVIII. Violence Rewarded: the End of the Habsburgs, 1914-18
Epilogue: The Peoples without the Dynasty Appendix: The Political and Ethnographical Structure of the Habsburg Monarchy Bibliography Index

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