Hack: The Complete Game

Hack: The Complete Game

by D.J. Gelner


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Roger "Hack" O'Callahan is angry. Even though he's managed four World Series-winning teams over a career spanning more than forty years, he's finally encountered a foe he can't beat: liver cancer.

Armed with a supply of his favorite cheap whiskey ("Old Reliable") and with his sharp tongue zipping off callous remarks from his foul mouth, Hack decides to spit in the face of his impending demise by worming his way into managing the AA Hoplite Magpies, a team divided and at odds with each other and the rest of the Northern League. As Hack instills a little "old school" discipline in this rag-tag bunch, he comes to find that his players are keeping secrets of their own, secrets that threaten to tear his clubhouse and the world of sports apart at the seams, and which may ultimately cost them their lives.

The omnibus version of the series originally released in three parts, "Hack: The Complete Game" is a thrilling roller coaster ride of a comedy similar to "Major League" or "Bull Durham," with plenty of dark twists that will keep you laughing and guessing until its shocking conclusion.


"D.J. Gelner, author of the insanely fun novel "Jesus Was a Time Traveler" once again hits a home run with his newest series, "Hack"...Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Once again, the author proves that he has what it takes to convince even the most skeptical of us of his literary genius." -Dennis Berry, Reviews4Readers.com, on "Hack: Innings 1-3"

"The writer here is terrific. He is cracker-jack paced and his descriptions are vivid. He doesn't flinch from powerful images. Hack is a disgusting, foul-mouthed old man, at least at the start, and the writer lets you see him in all his glory...if you like your books gritty and real, and/or are looking for a good sports story, I'd check this one out!" -Review of "Hack: Innings 1-3" on Amazon.

"[L]ike a good baseball movie, I found myself riveted during the games. Even if you don't understand the game all that well, Gelner makes it easily accessible." -Review of "Hack: Innings 1-3" on Amazon.

"[C}haracters so real I could swear they were flesh and blood...D.J. Gelner has some magic in his writer's fingertips, because beyond the appeal that underdogs hold for me - and in spite of (or because of) Hack's cantankerous tongue - I remained riveted by his story. I devoured Innings 1-3, read Innings 4-6 in one sitting, and now impatiently await the final installment of the serial: Innings 7-9. Don't miss this one. It's good!" -Review of "Hack: Innings 1-3" on Amazon.

"I continue to be impressed with the writer. He takes twists and turns I'm not expecting, but he does it with such confidence I just followed along. He continues to portay the world of men and sports with a vivid and unflinching hand...there's heart at the bottom of all of it, heart as Hack and the team members find themselves. I am definitely 'caught' and can't wait for the third installment to see how it all comes out!" -Review of "Hack: Innings 4-6" on Amazon.

"Like Innings 1-3, Innings 4-6 is a rip-roaring read , exciting, engrossing, and with many surprise twists, I can't wait for Innings 7-9!" -Review of "Hack: Innings 4-6" on Amazon.

"[V]ery easy read and entertaining throughout. Thought the characters were real and stayed true, Keep it up DJ. cant wait for 7-9." -Review of "Hack: Innings 4-6" on Amazon.

"DJ Gelner is ahead of his time. Loved this three-part series. Definitely a page turner, exciting, funny, and heart-wrenching at the same time. Gelner 'knocked it out of the park'!" -Review of "Hack: Innings 4-6" on Amazon.

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ISBN-13: 9781939417039
Publisher: Orion's Comet LLC
Publication date: 05/07/2013
Pages: 366
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Where do I start? Born and raised in St. Louis, graduated from Dartmouth in 2005 and the University of Virginia School of Law in 2008. Practiced law until 2011, when I quit to pursue my dream of writing.

I caught on as the St. Louis Rams Reporter for insideSTL.com and did some radio work for 590 AM the Fan KFNS and 1380 AM the Fan 2. As soon as the (very trying for anyone following the Rams) 2011 NFL season ended, I started writing my novels. The insideSTL gig ended in June, and since then, I have focused all of my attention on my fiction.

Other interesting stuff about me: I've forgotten how to ride a bike. I once swam so much over the course of a summer that my hair became green. I'm always fighting a three-pronged war between a paleo lifestyle and my love of wine and ice cream. And my dog, Sully, is like a big shih tzu, which is awesome.

Feel free to email me at djgelbooks@gmail.com, or follow me on twitter @djgelner.

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