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Hack Proofing XML by Everett F. Carter, Jeremy Faircloth, Curtis Franklin

XML is quickly becoming the universal protocol for transferring information from site to site via HTTP. Whereas HTML will continue to be the language for displaying documents on the Internet, developers will find new and interesting ways to harness the power of XML to transmit, exchange, and manipulate data using XML. Validation of the XML document and of the messages going to that document is the first line of defense in hack proofing XML. The same properties that make XML a powerful language for defining data across systems make it vulnerable to attacks. More important, since many firewalls will pass XML data without filtering, a poorly constructed and invalidated document can constitute a serious system-level vulnerability. Hack Proofing� XML will show you the ins and outs of XML and .NET security.

About the Authors:
Curtis Franklin, Jr. is President and Editorial Director of CF2 Group. CF2 Group is a technology assessment and communications firm headquartered in Gainesville, FL. Curtis is the Founder of two major industry testing labs, the BYTE Testing Lab and Client/Server Labs. He has published over 1,400 articles in his career, and has led performance and technology assessment projects for clients including IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and H-P.

Dr. Everett F. (Skip) Carter, Jr. is President of Taygeta Network Security Services (a division of Taygeta Scientific Inc.). He is also CEO/CTO of CaphNet, Inc. Skip holds both a Ph.D. and master�s in Applied Physics from Harvard University. Skip has authored several articles for Dr. Dobb�s Journal, and Computer Language magazines as well a numerous scientific articles and is a past columnist for Forth Dimensions magazine.

'ken'@FTU has helped suppliers to conduct B2B XML transactions with large e-commerce portals including Ariba, as well as others. He is also credited with discovering security vulnerabilities in software products by major vendors such as Microsoft and IBM. Currently he works at a bank doing technical auditing and penetrating testing of their networks, systems and applications.

Larry Loeb is the Principal of pbc enterprises in Wallingford, CT, a consulting firm specializing in IT matters. He has been a Consulting Editor for BYTE magazine, Contributing Editor for Circuit Cellar Ink, Senior Editor for WebWeek, Editor of the Macintosh Exchange on BIX, and a columnist for ITworld. He currently writes a monthly column for IBM�s online developer Works.

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ISBN-13: 9781931836500
Publisher: Syngress Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/1902
Edition description: with CDROM
Pages: 377
Product dimensions: 7.44(w) x 9.22(h) x 0.90(d)

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