Hacking Mathematics: 10 Problems That Need Solving

Hacking Mathematics: 10 Problems That Need Solving

by Denis Sheeran


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What if everyone of your students actually loved math?

Now, you can make the impossible a reality, and your students will race to complete your math problems.

Math teachers want more for their students than routine lessons and weekly test scores. You want them to engage in a productive struggle, without quitting in frustration. You want them to think like mathematicians. You want them to desire to learn more.

In Hacking Mathematics, teacher, author, and math consultant Denis Sheeran shows you how to hack your instructional approach and assessment procedures, in order to promote an amazing culture of mathematical inquiry and engagement that very few students ever see.

What you can do tomorrow

• Increase relevant connections between your students and the content

• Use homework effectively, removing the frustration and anxiety around it

• Connect with the global community of math educators

• Question everything, provide meaningful feedback, and teach your students to do the same

Hacking Mathematics puts you in control of the change that is happening around problem solving in math class. Read it now and embrace the change.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781948212038
Publisher: Times 10 Publications
Publication date: 03/15/2018
Series: Hack Learning Series , #17
Pages: 164
Sales rank: 418,617
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction. 13

The biggest problem of them all

Hack 1: Help Them See Math Everywhere. 19

Engaging all students from the start of class

Hack 2: Pull a Double Switch and Add Practice Time. 35

Applying best practices for practicing best

Hack 3: Join the MTBoS. 49

Bringing the global math teaching community into your


Hack 4: Encourage a Digital Show and Tell. 59

Using a 1:1 environment to demonstrate understanding

Hack 5: Be Less Helpful and Ask More Questions. 69

Turning mathematical struggles into deep learning

Hack 6: Go Prospecting for Relevant Learning. 79

Making mathematics real and increasing student


Hack 7: Solve the Calculator Conundrum. 93

Choosing an instrument for all students: Desmos

Hack 8: Ask Unanswerable Questions. 107

Engaging students in statistical thinking instead of

skipping that section

Hack 9: Create a Wonderwall. 119

Building a culture of inquiry

Hack 10: Communicate the Message with

Two-by-Fours. 129

Creating community and parent buy-in

Conclusion . 141

Putting the pieces together

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