Hailey's Truth (Book Three In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series)

Hailey's Truth (Book Three In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series)

by Cate Beauman

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Hailey Roberts has never had it easy. Despite the scars of a tragic childhood, she's made a life for herself. As a part-time student and loving nanny, she yearns for a family of her own and reluctant Austin Casey, Ethan Cooke Security's best close protection agent.

Hailey's past comes back to haunt her when her long lost brother tracks her down, bringing his dangerous secrets with him. At an emotional crossroads, Hailey accepts a humanitarian opportunity that throws her together with Austin, taking her hundreds of miles from her troubles, or so she thinks.

What starts out as a dream come true quickly becomes a nightmare as violence erupts on the island of Cozumel. Young women are disappearing, community members are dying--and the carnage links back to her brother.

As Austin struggles to keep Hailey's past from destroying her future, he's forced to make a decision that could turn her against him, or worse cost them both their lives.

The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series

Book One: Morgan's Hunter, the story of Morgan and Hunter (ISBN: 9780989569606)
Book Two: Falling For Sarah, the story of Sarah and Ethan (ISBN: 9780989569613)
Book Three: Hailey's Truth, the story of Hailey and Austin (ISBN: 9780989569620)
Book Four: Forever Alexa, the story of Alexa and Jackson (ISBN: 9780989569637)
Book Five: Waiting For Wren, the story of Wren and Tucker (ISBN: 9780989569644)
Book Six: Justice For Abby, the story of Abby and Jerrod (ISBN: 9780989569651)
Book Seven: Saving Sophie, the story of Sophie and Stone (ISBN: 9780989569668)
Book Eight: Reagan's Redemption, the story of Reagan and Shane (ISBN: 9780989569675)
Book Nine: Answers For Julie, the story of Julie and Chase (ISBN: 9780989569682)
Book Ten: Finding Lyla, the story of Lyla and Collin (In Production)

While reading the series in order is recommended, it is not necessary. Each story can stand alone with a satisfying conclusion.

Product Details

BN ID: 2940015516913
Publisher: Cate Beauman
Publication date: 10/13/2012
Series: The Bodyguards Of L.A. County , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 388
Sales rank: 190,641
File size: 394 KB

About the Author

International bestselling author Cate Beauman is known for her full-length, action-packed romantic suspense series, The Bodyguards of L.A. County. Her novels have been nominated for the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, National Indie Excellence Award, Golden Quill Award, Writers Touch Award, and have been named Readers Favorite Five Star books. FALLING FOR SARAH received the silver medal for the 2014 Readers’ Favorite Awards and SAVING SOPHIE was selected as the 2015 Readers Crown Award winner for Romantic Suspense.

Cate now makes her home in North Carolina with her husband, two boys, and their St. Bernards, Bear and Jack. Currently Cate is working on Finding Lyla, the tenth novel in her popular bodyguards series.

For information on Cate’s new releases, monthly giveaways, and upcoming events, sign up for her newsletter at:

Cate can be reached at www.catebeauman.com and www.facebook.com/catebeauman.

You can follow Cate on Twitter @CateBeauman

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Hailey's Truth (Book Three In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
I’m excited to be back with the hotties from Ethan Security and the sexy vixens they can’t resist in Hailey’s Truth by Cate Beauman. Cate is able to grab me from the beginning to very end, so I am very eager to get started. If this is what social workers are like, I fear for the children in the system. I fear for Hailey and her ‘brother’ Jeremy. Hailey was a foster child, hugely independent, reliable, loyal, giving, loving, strong and proud. She had found her forever home, even a little brother, until.. It wasn’t bad enough they lost their ‘parents’ now they’re losing each other. I feel bad things coming and it makes me sad. Jeremy…What can I say? Sometimes nothing makes a difference. A bad penny is a bad penny. Would it have been different if they had stayed together? We will never know. Makes me andgry that lies flow from him like water from a faucet, but that just shows how great Cate Beauman’s writing is, so real I feel like it is happening to me. It’s very interesting that two people, who had to work so hard just to survive, can turn out so different. Some people are givers, some takers and the takers can suck the life right out of you. Such a sweet moment when Austin is teaching Hailey to swim, innocent and sensual. Love this line: “She was swimming with the next thing to a mythical sea god, and she sure as heck wasn’t a mermaid.” The water had always called to her, but that didn’t mean she was any good in it. I feel the same way. I love the water, like Hailey, so it helps me relate to her. Drugs…Austin will be meeting the Mexican Mafia and I have a feeling Hailey will too. It’s a good thing Austin’s a badass because he’s gonna need to be. As the danger rises, so does Austin. Hailey is committed to family, naive as to what’s right in front of her face. When or what constitutes crossing the line of trust? When do you just say no and set them free, to sink or swim on their own? The Zulas, Mexican Mafia, are savages, brutal when betrayed. Not afraid of anything or anyone. To say they are dangerous is putting it mildly. Once in, only death gets you out. If a cop won’t work with them, not only with they callously take his life, but spread his body parts around to family and fellow officers. I got all soft and gooey at the birthday party. I love sexual tension between the characters as they get to know each other…the sensual glances and touches full of innuendo, from desire and denial, to push and pull, yes and no, keeping them on edge. Something as simple as washing dishes…he can look soooo sexy. I was laughing at the cake fiasco…until…Oh man, that’s so wrong. “Mean are completely stupid..sometimes…most of the time.” I do not like the word suckle when they are having sex. Makes me think of piglets. Numerous authors use it, but it’s just a little quirk of mine…don’t like it. Additional touches with complex characters add the spice to the romance and suspense. The ladies console and talk things out. The men eat, step on their d**** and apologize profusely. Now that’s some hilarious and honest writing. LOL Romantic suspense is pretty predictable, but it’s what the author twists and turns along the way that makes the story so interesting. I am most eager for the action and danger, and my emotions running hot. We have a good supply of all that, but I wanted more. In Hailey’s Truth by Cate Beauman, I loved the story and the journey, but I didn’t quite get to shocked, and left gasping for breath. Never fear, we have more comi
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a little annoying how naive Hailey was, but otherwise it was a good book.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite To say Hailey’s had a tough life would be a gross understatement of her life after the death of her parents. As often happens when siblings are placed in foster care, Hailey was separated from her brother Jeremy and spent years rebuilding her life, now as a dedicated student and caring nanny. In Hailey’s Truth, her carefully planned life is turned upside down with the return of her troubled brother and his dangerous secrets. Luckily for Hailey, her not-so-secret crush Austin is also a professional close protection agent, also known as a bodyguard, and he is determined to keep her safe at all costs. Cate Beauman provides a startling look at what happens when familial obligations collide with self-preservation. An opportunity of a lifetime should provide welcome respite for Hailey but turns out to be even more dangerous than the gang problems plaguing her in L.A. For someone who grew up in the system, Hailey is extremely naïve and far too willing to believe her brother’s lies. Her anger at Austin is annoying because you know he only wants to protect her. In Hailey’s Truth, we get a good, long look at a woman who is intent on seeing the world through a kinder lens than she’s seen life in general, and for that Hailey’s character is likable. It also makes it easier to get over her inability to see any hint of bad inside people like Jeremy. Once again, Cate Beauman has created a story full of deep characters with their own flaws and strengths that draw them together. Austin and Hailey have immense chemistry and, if you’re like me, you spent most of the book yelling at them to see what was right in front of them!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Absolutely loved this book, I didn't want it to end!
Ham4you More than 1 year ago
ARC (advanced reader copy) WOW. My head is in a whirl from this one. From the high intensity of Suspense, down to the oh-so yummy Romance, by far, Hailey and Austin have the hottest freaking scenes of the three books! Holy freaking balls and other naughty things! It's so good… or I'm so bad because—I hate to admit it—I reread the hotter than Hades scenes! I could read the entire novel again, and that's rare for me. I didn't think this 3rd book in the series would measure up to Morgan's Hunter and Falling for Sarah. Boy, was I wrong! I was uncertain about Hailey and Austin, and then add the bad egg of a brother, who Hailey wanted to protect, to introduce a whole new world of danger… The Mexican Mafia. I'm not usually on the edge when I read, but MAN! I'm still working out the kinks in my neck from the intensity! There were times I wanted to scream at Hailey and tell her to wake the freak up! But then there's a part of me that understands her devotion, as a sister. And then we have Austin. Out of the sexy-as-hell Bodyguard males, Austin is now my favorite! You'll have to dive in to meet this prime male specimen. Whew! Rumor has it, there's a 4th book in the series! But I don’t think that will be enough! I want more of them HOT bodyguards, Cate Beauman! Favorite quote: “In the end, it doesn’t matter, but I wanted you to know; I needed you to know because I read your text to Sarah. You told her I was everything you never thought you could have, and I’m telling you, you’re everything I never knew I wanted, but I’m so glad you’re here.” Favorite Page/paragraphs: He peered over his shoulder. “What, I didn’t hear you. The surf’s kinda loud.” “I said I’ll take a ride.” “What? You just learned how to ride today and could’ve used a hand with Ginger but were too stubborn to ask and now you need a ride back to the stables?” Hailey stopped walking and crossed her arms. “I just thought of a great place to shove the carrot Ginger won’t be eating when we get back.”