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Haimovici's Vascular Surgery / Edition 5

Haimovici's Vascular Surgery / Edition 5


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ISBN-13: 9780632044580
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/15/2003
Edition description: REV
Pages: 1240
Product dimensions: 8.90(w) x 11.30(h) x 2.41(d)

About the Author

Enrico Ascher, Prof of Surgery, State University of New York, Adjunct Prof of Medicine, Director of Vascular Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center

Table of Contents





Chapter 1 A Tribute to Henry Haimovici.

Part I: Imaging Techniques.

Chapter 2 Ultrasonic Duplex Scanning.

Chapter 3 Duplex Arteriography for Lower Extremity Revascularization.

Chapter 4 Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging.

Chapter 5 Fundamentals of Angiography.

Chapter 6 Computed Tomography in Vascular.

Chapter 7 Magnetic Resonance Angiography.

Part II: Basic Cardiovascular Problems.

Chapter 8 Hemodynamics of Vascular Disease: Applications to Diagnosis and Treatment.

Chapter 9 Artherosclerosis: Biological and Surgical Considerations.

Chapter 10 Intimal Hyperplasia.

Chapter 11 Therapeutic Angiogenesis.

Chapter 12 Thrombogenesis and Thrombolysis.

Chapter 13 Etiology of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm.

Chapter 14 Cardiopulmonary Assessment for Major Vascular Reconstructive.


Part III: Basic Vascular and Endovascular Techniques.

Chapter 15 Vascular Sutures and Anastomoses.

Chapter 16 Patch Graft Angioplasty.

Chapter 17 Endarterectomy.

Chapter 18 Balloon Angioplasty and Peripheral Arteries and Veins.

Chapter 19 Stents for Peripheral Arteries and Veins.

Chapter 20 Thrombolytic Therapy for Peripheral Arterial and Venous Thrombosis.

Chapter 21 Role of Angioplasty in Vascular Surgery.

Part IV: Surgical Exposure of Vessels.

Chapter 22 Exposure of Carotid Artery.

Chapter 23 The Vertebrobasilar System: Anatomy and Surgical Exposure.

Chapter 24 Extrathoracic Exposure for Distal Revascularization of Brachiocephalic Branches.

Chapter 25 Trans-sternal Exposure of the Great Vessels of the Aortic Arch.

Chapter 26 The Upper Extremity.

Chapter 27 Transperitoneal Exposure of the Abdominal Aorta and Iliac Arteries.

Chapter 28 Retroperitoneal Exposure of the Abdominal Aorta.

Chapter 29 Retroperitoneal Exposure of the Iliac Arteries.

Chapter 30 The Lower Extremity.

Part V: Occlusive Arterial Diseases.

Chapter 31 Pathophysiology of Skeletal Muscle Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.

Chapter 32 Arterial Embolism of the Extremities and Technique of Embolectomy.

Chapter 33 Fluoroscopically Assisted Thromboembolectomy.

Chapter 34 Percutaneous Aspiration Thromboembolectomy.

Chapter 35 Vascular Trauma.

Chapter 36 Fasciotomy.

Chapter 37 Ankle and Foot Fasciotomy for Compartment Syndrome of the Foot.

Part VI: Chronic Arterial Occlusions of the Lower Extremities.

Chapter 38 Arteriographic Patterns of Atherosclerotic Occlusive Disease of the.

Lower Extremity.

Chapter 39 Nonatherosclerotic Diseases of Small Arteries.

Chapter 40 Aortoiliac, Aortofemoral, and Iliofemoral Arteriosclerotic Occlusive.


Chapter 41 Percutaneous Interventions of Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease.

Chapter 42 Femoropopliteal Arteriosclerotic Occlusive Disease: Operative Treatment.

Chapter 43 In-Situ Vein Bypass by Standard Surgical Technique.

Chapter 44 Small-artery Bypasses to the Tibial and Peroneal Arteries for Limb Salvage.

Chapter 45 Bypasses to the Plantar Arteries and Other Branches of Tibial Arteries.

Chapter 46 Extended Techniques for Limb Salvage Using Free Flaps.

Chapter 47 Extended Techniques for Limb Salvage Using Complementary Fistulas, Combined with Deep Vein Interposition.

Chapter 48 Extended Techniques for Limb Salvage Using Vein Cuffs and Patches.

Chapter 49 Intraoperative Assessment of Vascular Reconstruction.

Chapter 50 Postoperative Surveillance.

Chapter 51 Extra-Anatomic Bypasses.

Chapter 52 Popliteal Entrapment and Chronic Compartment Syndrome: Unusual.

Causes for Claudication in Young Adults.

Chapter 53 Infected Extracavitory Prosthetic Grafts.

Chapter 54 Lumbar Sympathectomy: Conventional Technique.

Chapter 55 Laparoscopic Lumbar Sympathectomy.

Part VII: Aortic and Peripheral Aneurysms.

Chapter 56 Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms.

Chapter 57 Endovascular Repair of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Dissections.

Chapter 58 Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysms.

Chapter 59 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.

Chapter 60 Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.

Chapter 61 Endovascular Treatment of Ruptured Infrarenal Aortic and Iliac Aneurysms.

Chapter 62 Management of Infected Aortic Grafts.

Chapter 63 Isolated Iliac Artery Aneurysms.

Chapter 64 Endovascular Grafts in the Treatment of Isolated Iliac Aneurysms.

Chapter 65 Para-anastomotic Aneurysms: General Considerations and Techniques.

Part VIII: Cerebrovascular Insufficiency.

Chapter 66 Carotid Endarterectomy: Indications and Techniques for Carotid Surgery.

Chapter 67 Eversion Carotid Endarterectomy.

Chapter 68 Complications and Results in Carotid Surgery.

Chapter 69 Carotid Stenting: Current Status and Clinical Update.

Chapter 70 Vertebrobasilar Disease: Surgical Management.

Chapter 71 Nonatherosclerotic Cerebrovascular Disease.

Part IX: Visceral Vessels.

Chapter 72 Surgery of Celiac and Mesenteric Arteries.

Chapter 73 Mesenteric Ischemia.

Chapter 74 Renal Artery Revascularization.

Chapter 75 Visceral Artery Aneurysms.

Part X: Upper Extremity Conditions.

Chapter 76 Vasospastic Diseases of the Upper Extremity.

Chapter 77 Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Chapter 78 Venous Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or Subclavian Vein Obstruction.

Chapter 79 Arterial Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Chapter 80 Arterial Surgery of the Upper Extremity.

Chapter 81 Upper Thoracic Sympathectomy: Conventional Technique.

Chapter 82 Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy.

Part XI: Arteriovenous Malformation.

Chapter 83 Arteriovenous Fistulas and Vascular Malformations.

Chapter 84 Vascular Access for Dialysis.

Chapter 85 Portal Hypertension.

Part XII: Venous and Lymphatic Surgery.

Chapter 86 Clinical Application of Objective Testing in Venous Insufficiency.

Chapter 87 Varicose Veins.

Chapter 88 Superficial Thrombophlebitis.

Chapter 89 Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Chapter 90 Acute Upper Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Chapter 91 Venous Interruption.

Chapter 92 Contemporary Venous Thrombectomy.

Chapter 93 Endoscopic Subfascial Ligation of Perforating Veins.

Chapter 94 Venous Reconstruction in Postthrombotic Syndrome.

Chapter 95 Ischemic Venous Thrombosis: Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens and Venous Gangrene.

Chapter 96 Diagnosis and Management of Lymphedema.

Part XIII: Amputations and Rehabilitations.

Chapter 97 Amputation of the Lower Extremity: General Considerations.

Chapter 98 Above-the-Knee Amputations.

Chapter 99 Postoperative and Preprosthetic Management for Lower Extremity Amputations.

Chapter 100 Prosthetics for Lower Limb Amputees.


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