Half-Hearted Enemies: Nova Scotia, New England and the War of 1812

Half-Hearted Enemies: Nova Scotia, New England and the War of 1812

by John Boileau


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The untold chapter of reluctant enemies caught up in a continental war

When the US declared war on Great Britain in 1812, the Canadian colonies found themselves committed to armed conflict with their American neighbours. While Upper and Lower Canada became the main battlegrounds, Nova Scotia was reluctant to disrupt its lucrative trade with New England and immediately established a truce so that commerce could continue to flow freely.

In this book author John Boileau explores many aspects of the involvement of Nova Scotia in the War of 1812. He recounts many of the famous privateering and naval escapades up and down the coast, including the most famous prize, USS Chesapeake, which was captured by the Royal Navy and brought into Halifax Harbour. Halifax was also the site of the military prison where, over the course of the war, 10,000 men endured overcrowded and unhealthy living conditions. In May 2005 a ceremony will take place in Halifax to memorialize the 200 American prisoners who died in Melville Island prison.

During the war many escaped slaves found passage to Nova Scotia. This book reveals that instead of peace and prosperity the refugees found prejudice, hardship and smallpox.

This book sets out the history of a war whose spoils helped to establish Dalhousie College (now Dalhousie University) and the Cambridge Military Library (Halifax).

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About the Author

JOHN BOILEAU is a retired Canadian army colonel and author of twelve books and 500 articles. He is a frequent commentator on military issues for radio and television and a lecturer to service organizations and historical societies. In 2010 the Minister of National Defence appointed him Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of The Halifax Rifles (RCAC) and in 2014 he became the unit's Honorary Colonel. He lives in Nova Scotia.

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Half-Hearted Enemies: Nova Scotia, New England and the War of 1812 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Scotland on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I had better hopes for this book. The sub-title indicated that the work was about New England and Nova Scotia during the 1812 conflict. In reality, it was about Nova Scotia period. The book was divided into 6 chapters, each on a different subject matter which made it hard to maintain on overall time line. The chapters included Privateering, Melville Island prison, the burning of Washington???, Influx of former slaves into N.S., and finally the 1814 invasion of Maine.I was looking forward to a report on a different theatre of the War of 1812, but when I finished reading, I couldn't help but feel underserved.