Half Lives

Half Lives

by Sara Grant
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Half Lives 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
Half Lives by author Sarah Grant was one of those reads that sounded interesting and like it would keep you wondering until the very end. A novel that tells two sides to the end of the world, one taking place during and the other taking place long after? Count me right in! By the time I started reading Half Lives and finished the first chapter I found myself going “whoa that was seriously awesome” and absolutely had to keep on reading. Half Lives is two stories. The first being that of main character Icie/Isis whose parents work for the government. When they send her a text telling her to come home ASAP she has a belt with $10,00 in cash strapped to her body and is sent to the airport, straight to Las Vegas and to a mountain that will keep her safe. Why are her parents doing this? Because they know about a top secret biological weapon that has been released and will eradicate the human race. Icie finds herself on her own, on her way to the mountain with a small band of survivors as they look for the mountain’s bunker in hopes of surviving the end of the world. The second story told in Half Lives takes place decades and decades later, the world is left in ruins and a small cult that follows the teachings of the Great I AM guard the mountain and bunker that Icie was hiding in. This small group of survivors fights off against Terrorists and hope to pass on the Great I AM’s will and find peace and enlightenment. When their leader, the Cheer Captain Beckett, meets a girl named Greta he uncovers the truth about Icie’s journey, who the Great I AM is and what the teachings his cult has been following are really about. What I really liked about Half Lives was getting to see the apocalypse as it unfolds and also gets dystopic and tells us what happens after. I really liked that but did have my worries. What if I didn’t like both casts of characters in both stories? What if I didn’t like one of the main characters as much as I did the other? Or what if I didn’t like both stories equally? Honestly I had nothing to worry about because both stories were equally good and equally fast paced. I was really impressed by the pacing used in Half Lives, it kept me on the edge of my seat and had me very excited to continue reading. The characters in Half Lives were ones that I easily got attached to. I fell in love with Icie and the three survivors she bands together with, at the same time I also really liked Becket, Greta, Harper and Finch (despite him turning out to be cray). Personally I think that the characters used in Icie’s story are ones that will relate more to teen readers and will also make it easier for them to think of the characters are real because they are all very realistic. Plus by the time Icie’s group reaches the bunker there’s so much drama and *spoiler, spoiler, spoiler*. Half Lives stirred up a lot of emotions in me. Throughout the story I would be reading and when the story would reach a part that questioned the character’s humanity or got really dark, I could feel it in my stomach and got so into the story. I cried, I laughed and I got terrified for every single character. By the time the novel reached its conclusion I was cried out, still surprised at the ending and also glad that it tied up almost every single loose end. I would recommend Half Lives to readers who are fans of dystopia, want a read that shows the before/after of the apocalypse and readers who are looking for a story that revolves around survival.
majibookshelf More than 1 year ago
Half Lives was a doozy. It is told from two POVs told at two different time lines, one is set during the 21st century (our time) and the other is several hundred years later. What set the time is a viral attack that hit the world. I wish I could explain more about it but we find out close to nothing about it. Our current time protagonist is Icie, the child of a father working in the federal government and a dad who is a nuclear physicist. They figure out the plan of the viral attack and give their daughter a map, money, and the key to a bunker, which was constructed to house nuclear waste but the project implementation was never passed by the government.  This is when the trouble starts, Icie seems to pick up stray kids her age and put 4 teenagers in an enclosed area for weeks, you know crazy stuff is bound to happen. I was rather excited to find out about the viral attack, its origin, and basically all the conspiracy and corrupt government issues we get with sci-fi/post-apocalyptic novels. Like I mentioned earlier, we are as clueless as Icie, who just lives without reason in the bunker, waiting for when her mother and father will come. However, take it several hundred years later, at the same location, and you find that the mountain that the bunker is in is inhibited by people, mostly teenagers, and children. Many of the children are deformed, and the people follow a higher being their believe is called the great I AM. What's is funny is that all those people are descendants of Icie and follow her way of life as if it is their religion. It was a bit weird, especially in the way they spoke. "Whatever" to them is like saying "Amen", but when you find out how it originated, you will laugh your butt off. Also, they say "Have a mediocre day" as in "Have a nice day" since Icie used to always say that with her best friend. Words like Facebook, Just Sayings (which is a book that contains all of the Great I Am's sayings), twitter guy (who keeps track of everything), as well as many other little acts and habits they have developed. These just made me crack up so much, but it was also frustrating just how blind they are to what is the real world.  I grew very frustrated with the way the plot progressed. I wished their leader found Icie's diary sooner so I would have witnessed them finding out how their entire world was built on lies. I wanted them to venture outside of their mountain and see what happened to the world and what is the state of it. I did not appreciate the romance because it felt a bit rushed and I just felt that the plot lost its way during the later time. I honestly gave this book three stars because I enjoyed the current POV and liked seeing how these teenagers would survive and live with minimum necessities and in a foreign place with no way out. All in all Half Lives was a bit of a disappointment because I didn't know what the author wanted out of it but I did enjoy it enough and it was an interesting sci-fi novel. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It does.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago