Hallelujah, Anyway - Remembering Tom Cora

Hallelujah, Anyway - Remembering Tom Cora


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Hallelujah Anyway is an important retrospective of underrecognized and versatile cellist Tom Cora. A worthy eulogy, released one year after his death, this double-disc set includes songs written in his memory, songs that he composed for others, and a great cross-section of the myriad projects and musical contexts that Cora embraced. And that means a cross-section of all the creative experimenters and improvisers in avant garde rock, jazz, etc. spanning the late '70s through the late '90s. This collection includes some of Cora's solo recordings, as well as projects with John Zorn, Carlos Zingaro, Richard Teitelbaum, the Ex, Barre Philips, and the bands Curlew, Roof, Third Person (with Samm Bennett), the Chadbournes, and Skeleton Crew (with Fred Frith). Upbeat, eclectic, eccentric, beautiful -- it's all here. This release is not only emotional, for the intense, loving commitment it shows to Cora's music, but also important, in that it illuminates the undervalued brilliance of a significant improviser and extraordinary cellist. Highly recommended for all with open ears.

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Release Date: 05/18/1999
Label: Tzadik
UPC: 0702397760221
catalogNumber: 7602
Rank: 184547

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nicolas Collins   Track Performer
Eugene Chadbourne   Guitar,Vocals
Ex   Track Performer
Elliott Sharp   Guitar,Track Performer
Marc Ribot   Guitar,Track Performer
Wadada Leo Smith   Trumpet,Multi Instruments
Richard Teitelbaum   Synthesizer
Tom Cora   Accordion,Cello,Drums,Vocals,Track Performer
Curlew   Track Performer
Gerry Hemingway   Percussion,Track Performer
Phil Minton   Vocals
Kramer   Organ,Vocals
Rebby Sharp   Fiddle
Amy Denio   Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Alto Saxophone,Vocals,Track Performer
Chris Cutler   Drums,Track Performer
Bob Ostertag   Sampling,Track Performer
Pippin Barnett   Drums
Samm Bennett   Percussion,Drums,Sampling
Iva Bittová   Violin,Vocals,Track Performer
George Cartwright   Saxophone
Chino Shuichi   Keyboards
Chris Cochrane   Vocals,Track Performer
Fred Frith   Bass,Guitar,Violin,Drums,Multi Instruments,Track Performer
Eiichi Hayashi   Alto Saxophone
Wayne Horvitz   Track Performer
Mark Howell   Guitar
Catherine Jauniaux   Vocals,Track Performer
David Licht   Drums
Larry Ochs   Tenor Saxophone,Track Performer
Zeena Parkins   Piano,Accordion,Harp,Track Performer
Hahn Rowe   Multi Instruments,Track Performer
Ann Rupel   Bass
Kazutoki Umezu   Alto Saxophone
Michael Vatcher   Drums
John Zorn   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Voices,Track Performer,Mouthpiece
Third Person   Track Performer
Skeleton Crew   Track Performer
Thomas Dimuzio   Track Performer
Lesli Dalaba   Trumpet,Track Performer
Miya Masaoka   Koto,Track Performer
Kazuto Shimizu   Bass Clarinet
Davey Williams   Guitar
Nakao Kanji   Drums,Soprano Saxophone
Tetsuto Koyama   Bass
G.W. Sok   Vocals
Carlos Zingaro   Violin
Frances-Marie Uitti   Cello,Track Performer
George Lowe   Bass Clarinet
Momo Rossel   Guitar
Bratko Bibic   Accordion
Andy Ex   Guitar
Okuma Wataru   Clarinet,Piano,Choir, Chorus
Dave Yohe   String Bass
Tada Yoko   Alto Saxophone
Ohara Yutaka   Trombone
Rick Brown   Drums
John Edwards   Double Bass
Thierry Azam   Multi Instruments,Track Performer
Ululating Mummies   Track Performer
Jeroen Visser   Track Performer
Margaret Parkins   Cello
Musik   Track Performer
Shinoda Masami   Baritone Saxophone
Barry Bless   Accordion
Robbie Kinter   Percussion,Keyboards
Hiroaki Katayama   Tenor Saxophone
Roof   Track Performer
Luc Ex   Bass
Takuya Nishimura   Bass
Terrie Ex   Guitar
Katrin Ex   Drums
Jean-20 Huguenin   Bass
Nomoto Kazuhiro   Baritone Saxophone
Caroline Kraabel   Saxophone
Wolfgang Mitterer   Piano
Sarah Parkins   Violin

Technical Credits

Martin Bisi   Engineer
Eugene Chadbourne   Tape Effects
Tom Cora   Arranger,Producer
Kramer   Producer,Engineer
Amy Denio   Text
Bob Appel   Engineer
Chris Cochrane   Arranger
Fred Frith   Producer,Engineer
Greg Gilmore   Engineer
Paul Haines   Liner Notes
Zeena Parkins   Composer
Hahn Rowe   Engineer
Robert Vogel   Engineer
John Zorn   Executive Producer
Gisburg   Engineer
Skeleton Crew   Arranger
Thomas Dimuzio   Composer
Kevin Whitehead   Liner Notes
Floyd Reitsman   Engineer
Ivo Viktorín   Engineer
Perkin Barnes   Engineer
Okuma Wataru   Producer
Kondo Yoshiaki   Engineer
Jeroen Visser   Collage
François Dietz   Engineer
Christian Noel   Engineer
Aki Onda   Engineer
Ito Haruna   Contributor

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