Hallowed Pathways

Hallowed Pathways

by Ricky Hedge


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The heartache of the lost and loved ones.

Of family and friends.

And may their memories last forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781504924061
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/23/2015
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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Hallowed Pathways

By Ricky Hedge


Copyright © 2015 Ricky Hedge
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-2406-1



You had a choice.
You did what you thought was right.
Decided to go overseas and fight.
In a hot dry land
to fight for people.
So that they may be free.
You watched your friends fall.
Trying to keep your mind focused.
In the mist of it all.
You wonder what they all say.
Who in the hell cares.
You are in hell anyway.
As bombs explode.
Bullets whiz by.

Focus I say focus.
Just then I feel something warm,
I look to see it is my own blood.
It is coming from my head.
I realize I am getting weak.
All light fades away.

What have I done?

I gave my life for someone else's son.

I have done what god called me to do.
Now he calls me home.

My job here is done.
Being in hell was no fun.


Just a person.

First a husband

To love my wife.

To keep her all of my life.

Then a father.

And also a grandfather.

For my son he should know

I will always love him so.

For my daughter

The feelings are so true.

To carry on the family name.

My grandbabies so precious and true.

I love them all the same.

I would give my life to save them all.

If you ever need me

Just give me a call.

Just a person

Who loves you all.


As I was at the lake
just the other day.
To collect my thoughts
from the days gone past.
As I looked into the sky I watched osprey fly.
It grabbed a fish then flew away.
Soon then the moments passed.
I knew that was freedom?
With a cry of victory it flew away.
Just looking forward to another day
as the osprey does.
Only to know
may god grant me one more day.
So when he comes to close my eyes,

May I have the spirit to fly away?


This is just for you.
When you get feeling
down and blue.
Remember this: someone else
is always thinking of you.
Not far away I wonder
what he would say.
I really miss you.
I love the things you do and say.
When the sun is high
and the sky is blue.
When you don't know what to do
remember I still love you.


Just remember this.
I always loved you so.
The time of the season.
Or cause of the reason?
It was time for me to go.
Cherish the time we spent together.
Never forget that I loved you so.
Now comes for the time to let me go.
I am in a good place now.
The image of your face will never be displaced.
For I loved you so.
It breaks my heart.
To let you go.
But there is something I want you to know.
I always have loved you so.
May god rest your soul.


It started with a wink.
Then with a nod.
Next thing you know.
We got a gift from god.
A precious child we both loved so.

When I looked away.
You ran off another way.
It broke my heart.
As if you did not know. You left me with a precious gift from god.
If you never come back.
You will never know?
What it is like to cherish.
This gift from god.


God knows the loss of a loved one, has hurt you so.

When the pain comes, he will make it go.

This you have to believe you are a child of god.

This you know.

But by the grace of god,

The love you have in your heart, mind, and soul.

God will bless you and never let you go.

So may his warmth and tenderness wrap around your heart.

So you and god may never part.


Even though you pushed me to the side.
The true feelings you harbor inside.
The ones you are trying to hide.
You are just fooling yourself.
You know you still love me so.
I would like to know why you let me go.
Because I still love you so.
You know you loved all the times we were together.
Now I am putting it all together.
You were afraid to be loved. .
By someone who really cared.
If I paid too much attention to you.
Then that was my fault.
But you should have liked it.
But I say this to you.
Remember all of the good times.
Know how good you had it.
I will miss you so.
But anyway I will let you go.
Forget the past.
It was a blast.
I should have known it would never last.
You whore.


It's just like any seed we plant.
Maybe the seed of life?
Or the seed of thought?
They will all grow.
But is it how we nurture them.
To see the outcome of what we planted.
Maybe the seed of a flower turns out to be a weed?
Or the thought of kindness turns out to be evil.
Or is it that we just take life for granted.
Then don't take time to really see what is here.
Consume the taste of life if we don't like it.
We spit it out like vomit looking for something sweeter.
Then you realize you already had it?
Make your decision wisely the damage could already be done?


We got this gift.
It surely was from god?
Some may not have received it.
But the world loves you too.
You help us make it right.
For the things you do.
The abuse.
The neglect.
The abduction.
People like you.
Who do this.
Are not like the rest.
Children are innocent.
You have to love them so.
I only say this to you.
You were also a gift from god.
I plead to you.
Stop what you do.
Because god is watching you.


Just as the darkness started to fade.
I got up in the morning in my normal way.
Thinking it was just another day?
Forward to see my brother.
Who just lived across the way.
Hoping just to see him again today.
Little did I know.
It was time for him to go?
Just then the phone begins to ring.
The feeling of something lost began to sink in.
it hit me so.
Then I knew there was a place I had to go.
The reaper came and took his soul.
Oh my brother were did you go?
You and I were oh so tight this you know.
It crushed my heart to see you go.
As I entered this room of cold and steel.
Along came the numbness I could no longer feel.
The sound of that zipper and the crinkle of that bag.
Still lingers in my head.
The tiny droplets of blood that remain on your head.
Wiped off with my own hands.
I will see you out of this place.
I will send you home.
So that you may have a place to roam.
The time has come to let you go.
As you slip out of this place.
May you never fall out of god's grace,
Your loving brother


It seemed just like the other day.
When I first saw you.
I thought you looked the other way.
But then I realized you didn't see my way?
I knew there was something I had to do?
Regarding the price to pay.
You are such a lovely woman in every way.
How I wanted you so.
I knew there was something I had to do.
I did not care about the cost.
Friends and family could be lost?
But you were worth the cost.
I was willing to pay.
Soon the time would come.
We would become as one.
As our bodies became one.
We enjoyed being one.
I love you so

It would crush my heart if you were ever to
let me go.
This should tell you my feelings are true.
I will always love you no matter what you do?
Never forget me.
Because the voice you hear
will be me whispering your ear.


Just as we know.
The sun will rise.
Then shall set.
As the darkness approaches.
After the day is done.
I crawl into my bed.
And I close my eyes.
What little life is left?
It slowly disappears.
The darkness is here.
My mind starts to wonder.
To haunt me of things gone by.
Life used to be good.
But I knew it would not last.
As the walls slowly closed in
I could feel the pressure.
No longer could I take.
Waiting for the morning dawn.
Hoping to awake.
I see a little light in the distance.
I could not reach.
It was faint and fading away fast.
I could feel my life slipping away.
When I thought I awoke.
It was cold and dark.
There was no more light.
The lid was then shut and closed oh so tight.
As I laid in this hallow shell
that's when I realized I was going to hell.
It was just too late to make things right.
So remember this just do things that are right.
So I say this to you good night ...


Poetry is what we feel.
It is what we do to show our inner feelings and thoughts.
Like reaching into a black hole
pulling out our most sacred inner feelings
for loved ones and lost ones.
The expression of true love.

To show the world it is alright to love one and another.

Not to be afraid to express yourself.
Locked up feelings and anger will eat you up inside.
Destroy your true meaning of life.
For as being a human we are only here for a short while.
So enjoy yourself, let your inner feelings show
for the world to see.

Before it is too late to express yourself
before you, are laid into that black hole ...


What is life for?
What are we put here for?
To love our family and friends.
One thing I know for sure.
Is that you have to love yourself.
In order to love someone else.
With the hatred.
With the killings.
With the war.
What is all that for?
There surely is no love there.
It tells me no one cares.
So I look deep inside.
Looking for a place to hide.
I know if and when I get there.
Maybe I will find someone who really cares.
So share the love you got in your heart.
The feeling you get.
So learn to love the people
that's in your life.
Maybe if you do
then we can make the world a better place in life?


They come in all shapes and sizes.
Some have short hair some have long.
They can get you to do things that are wrong.
Just like alcohol and drugs.
It will start with just a hug.
You will lie just to cheat.
Just so you can be out on that street.
Looking for any woman to meet.
There are good and there bad.
They will lead you on.
Then take your heart.
So they can tear it apart.
Tell you things you want to hear.
Suck you in with that lovely glow.
Then they tell you they will never let you go.
But before you know it.
All is lost.
You paid the price.
But what was the cost?
Your heart was lost.
That was the cost just threw into the wind.
Addiction is what they are.
So just remember this.
Just watch out for that very first kiss.
It could be an addiction?


It was a calm peaceful day. My thoughts and visions were good
as the water gently splashed against the bank.
The feeling of freedom consumed my body.
Then I closed my eyes to let my spirit fly.
Forgetting about all things good and bad.
As my spirit flew with the wind I knew I was free.
I forgot I was human. I became one to soar with the birds of freedom.

As I did this two birds of freedom landed in a tree top.
They were singing the song of freedom.
As if they knew I was one of them.
As they flew off my spirit went with them.
So let yourself go and feel the spirit of freedom
nothing any calmer ...


Since the time you arrived.
You were small and pink.
Mother and I loved you so.
I taught you things you should know.
You grew up so quick and fast.
Then I realized you forgot the past?
You received a gift from god.
Tiny and pink with little hands and feet.
You parted ways so you could think?
Please come back home.
To this child that is tiny and pink.
May god show you the way back home.
So you may never want to roam.


I am a woman.
Strong I am.
Heart, mind, soul.
I must keep going on.
With the faith of god.
The love of my family, and friends
keeps me strong.

For I loved you so.
You let me go.
May our paths cross some day?
Then you may see.
What you turned away.
For I am a woman.
I am strong.


With every passing moment.
Each and every day

I will never forget the day you passed away.
The hole in my heart will never heal.
Because no one knows how I feel?
Your voice was stern

Your hands were stronger.
You tried to teach me right from wrong.

If I said things that were hateful.
I meant no harm.

You were a mother who could do no wrong.
You raised us right

To make us strong

They say you are in a better place.

This I know

But with you gone
I know I can no longer kiss or hug you.

So I keep your spirit in my mind, heart, and soul

That way we may never be apart.
The vision of your beauty is all I need to keep in my heart.
Your loving son.


What is a poem?

Where does it come from?

It surely has to come from your heart.

Deep inside your inner feelings.

To express yourself or to the whole world.

This you only know the kindness in your heart, mind, and soul.

For the love you have for everyone.

Even people you don't know.

So thank god for this.

Many people can't express their self.

So to all you poets, take a bow, and be proud of yourself.

It is what the world needs.


As I opened my photo album?
Just the other day.
I saw pictures of me and you from back in the day.
That's when my hair was not so grey.
The photos of family; friends.
How they grew up and moved away.
The pictures from the past.
They will always last.
Just as the memories start to fade?


People that you meet

Who come from your past.

Soon you, realize

That they may never last.

The friendship that we had

Did not last.

But the time's we had

Were such a blast.

Hunting and Fishing.

Never to forget.

You two taken too soon.

So I here I set.

Just thinking of the past.

Never to forget.

Life with you guys

Was such a blast.


Excerpted from Hallowed Pathways by Ricky Hedge. Copyright © 2015 Ricky Hedge. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Finest Hour, 1,
Somebody, 2,
Spirit of Freedom, 3,
Missing, 4,
Time, 5,
Angel, 6,
Beloved, 7,
Liar, 8,
Thoughts, 9,
For the children, 10,
Brother, 11,
Love, 12,
Darkness, 13,
Poetry, 14,
Life, 15,
Addiction, 16,
Calm, 17,
Son, 18,
Woman, 19,
Momma, 20,
Feelings, 21,
Days Past, 22,
True Friends, 23,

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