Hanbali Fiqh of WOrship

Hanbali Fiqh of WOrship

by Khalid Shah (Translator)


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Before you is a translation of Shaykh Quddūmi’s

booklet on the masāil of worship. He was an authority

on the Ḥanbali madhhab at the end of the 19th and

beginning of the 20th century. He was a mufassir, a

muḥaddith, a jurist and grammarian.

In the Syrian print of this book, he is referred to as

“the author of this book the renown virtuous teacher,

Shaykh Mūsa Effendi Al-Quddūmi Al-Nabulsi Al


The masāil in this book are presented in a simple

language and a question-and-answer format. This is

an educational or teaching text and will greatly

benefit as a qāʿida or primer to other texts of the

Ḥanbali madhhab such as Dalīlut Talib or Zād ul

Mustaqniʿ, InshaAllāh.

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ISBN-13: 9780648247142
Publisher: Firdaws Academy Press
Publication date: 09/05/2018
Pages: 178
Sales rank: 897,195
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Table of Contents

About the author 13

Chapter on ṭahārah (purification) 17

Section on Water 17

Rulings of containers and parts of carrion 19

Rulings of Siwāk 25

Rulings of masaḥ (wiping) on khuffs 35

Section on the invalidators of wuḍū 37

Section on ghusl (bathing) 41

Chapter on Ṣalāt 57

Section on Athān 57

Section on the ruling of ṣalāt 61

Section on the times of ṣalāt 63

Section on taṭawwuʿ (nafl prayers) 63

Section on the arkān (farḍ acts) of Ṣalāt 67

Wājibāt of Ṣalāt 71

Section on sujūd sahw 77

Joining two ṣalāts 91

Ṣalāt of janāza 103

Chapter on Fasting 109

Chapter on Zakāt 117

Chapter on Ḥaj 127

Appendices 135

Appendix 1: Biography of Imām Aḥmad bin Ḥanbal 137

Appendix 2 - Historical development & stages of the Ḥanbali school 147

Appendix 3: General principles of deriving rulings in the madhhab 155

Appendix 4: The most well-known works of the madhhab 166

Appendix 5: Some terminology used by the Ḥanbalis 174

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