Handbook of Clinical Alcoholism Treatment

Handbook of Clinical Alcoholism Treatment



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ISBN-13: 9780781741583
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Publication date: 09/28/2003
Pages: 287
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Table of Contents

    Section I. Foundations of Alcoholism

  1. Epidemiology of Alcoholism, 2
    Bankole A. Johnson
  2. Neurobiology of Alcoholism, 10
    Scott E. Hemby
  3. Psychological Foundations, 19
    Joy M. Schmitz and Katherine A. DeLaune
  4. Socio-Cultural and Individual Influences on Alcohol Use and Abuse by Adolescents and Young Adults, 26
    Kim Fromme and Marc I. Kruse

    Section II. Diagnostic Tools

  5. Alcoholism: Diagnostic Considerations, 38
    Pedro Ruiz
  6. Self-Report Assessment Instruments, 49
    Dennis M. Donovan
  7. Biochemical Markers for Alcohol Consumption, 62
    Martin A. Javors, Pamela Bean, Thomas S King, and Raymond F Anton
  8. Assessing Medical Consequences of Alcoholism, 80
    Shimi K. Kang and David Gastfriend
  9. Assessing the Brain Sequelae of Alcoholism Using Neuroimaging, 94
    Mark S. George, Hugh Myrick, Xingbao Li, and Raymond Anton

    Section III.Treatment Modalities

  10. Psychotherapy in Alcoholism Treatment, 102
    Carlo C. DiClemente, Lisa Jordan, Angela Marinilli, and Melissa Nidecker
  11. Behavioral Interventions for Problem Drinking: Community Reinforcement and Contingency Management, 111
    Stephen T. Higgins, Kenneth Silverman, and Sarah H. Heil
  12. Medications for the Treatment of Alcoholism, 119
    Nassima Ait-Daoud and Bankole A. Johnson
  13. Models for Integrating Psychotherapeutic and Pharmacological Interventions in the Treatment of Alcohol Dependence, 131
    Helen M. Pettinati, Roger D. Weiss, and Julie Madaras
  14. Emergency Management of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence, 140
    Robert Swift
  15. Inpatient Alcoholism Services, 150
    William B. Lawson and Robert Mickey
  16. Network Therapy, 155
    Marc Galanter

    Section IV. Treatment Settings

  17. Primary Health Care Settings, 166
    Patrick G. O’Connor and David A. Fiellin
  18. Rehabilitation Programs, 174
    Gantt P. Galloway and Douglas Polcin
  19. Alcohol and the Workplace, 184
    Richard A. Rawson, Ruthlyn Sodano, and Patricia Marinelli-Casey
  20. Alcohol Treatment in the Criminal Justice System, 197
    James W. Cornish and Douglas B. Marlowe
  21. Auricular Acupuncture in Alcohol Treatment, 208
    Michael O. Smith, Patricia Culliton, and Claudia Voyles

    Section V. Special Issues

  22. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Alcohol’s Teratogenic Effects on Central Nervous System Structure and Function, 218
    Sarah N. Mattson
  23. Alcohol and Comorbid Psychiatric Conditions: Treating the Dually Diagnosed Patient, 233
    Sylvia J. Dennison
  24. Prevention, 242
    Stuart Gitlow
  25. Alcohol and HIV-AIDS, 249
    Harold W. Goforth, Margaret Primeau, and Francisco Fernandez
  26. Alcoholism and the Elderly, 258
    Roland M. Atkinson
  27. Alcohol Problems in Women, 273
    Sheila B. Blume

Brief Behavioral Compliance Enhancement Treatment (BBCET) Manual, 282
Bankole A. Johnson, Carlo C. DiClemente, Nassima Ait-Daoud, and Suzette M. Stoks

Index, 303

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