Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards

Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards

by John E. Bringas


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ISBN-13: 9780803133624
Publisher: American Society for Testing & Materials
Publication date: 06/28/2004
Pages: 663
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

1.Introduction to Comparing World Steel Standards
Myth and Methodology When Comparing Steel Standards1
"Comparative" and "Closest Match"2
Definition and Steel Terms5
Questions Regarding the Rules of Comparison6
Non-Comparable Steels6
Criteria for Comparing Steels6
List of Comparison Rules8
Brief Introduction to Steel Standards and Designation Systems9
ASTM Designation System10
ASTM Reference Standards and Supplementary Requirements11
SAE Designation System and Discontinued AISI Designation System11
UNS Designation System13
Canadian Standards Association (CSA)14
Introduction to European Standard Steel Designation System14
EN 10027 Standard Designation System for Steels15
Steel Names15
Steel Numbers15
Former National Standards Replaced by CEN Standards16
2.Carbon and Alloy Steels for General Use18
3.Structural Steel Plates42
4.Pressure Vessel Steel Plates96
5.Steel Tubes and Pipes148
6.Steel Forgings312
7.Steel Castings364
8.Wrought Stainless Steels422
9.Steels for Special Use474
Free-Machining Steels476
Spring Steels481
Tool Steels485
Bearing Steels492
Appendix 1ASTM Ferrous Metal Standards498
Appendix 2ASTM Discontinued Ferrous Metal Standards514
Appendix 3JIS Steel and Related Standards526
Appendix 4JIS Discontinued Steel and Related Standards532
Appendix 5CEN Current Steel Standards538
Appendix 6CEN Standards with Superseded Former National Standards544
Appendix 7Former National Standards Superseded by CEN Standards556
Appendix 8ISO Iron and Steel Product Standards568
Appendix 9ASTM A 941-00 Terminology Relating to Steel, Stainless Steel, Related Alloys, and Ferroalloys576
Appendix 10ASTM E 527-83 (1997) Numbering Metals and Alloys (UNS)584
Appendix 11SI Quick Reference Guide592
Steel Grade/Name Index598
UNS Number Index648
Steel Number Index656

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