Handbook of Geriatric Care Management / Edition 2

Handbook of Geriatric Care Management / Edition 2

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Jones & Bartlett Learning

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Handbook of Geriatric Care Management / Edition 2

This Book Is A Reference Which Addresses The Many Settings That Geriatric Care Managers Find Themselves In, Such As Hospitals, Long-Term Care Facilities, And Assisted Living And Rehabilitation Facilities. It Also Includes Case Studies And Sample Forms.

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ISBN-13: 9780763746421
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date: 01/28/2007
Edition description: 2E
Pages: 444
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 10.10(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Part IIntroduction to Geriatric Care Management1
Chapter 1Overview and History of Geriatric Care Management3
Overview of a GCM's Responsibilities4
History of Geriatric Care Management6
The Birth of Geriatric Care Management Organizations9
Chapter 2Ethics and Geriatric Care Management13
What Is an Ethical Dilemma?15
Ethical Conflicts between the Client's Needs and the Client's Wants17
The Ethical Conflict Regarding Client Exploitation18
Conflict between the Client's Safety and the Client's Autonomy19
Conflicts around Confidentiality and Disclosure20
Analyzing Ethical Dilemmas20
How To Resolve Ethical Dilemmas21
Part IIBeginning, Expanding, or Adding a Geriatric Care Management Business23
Chapter 3How To Begin or Add a Geriatric Care Management Business25
Entrepreneurial Risks25
Types of Geriatric Care Management Businesses26
Creating a Business Plan30
Financing a Geriatric Care Management Business32
Professional Consultants33
Developing Procedures34
Business Insurance35
Setting Up an Office36
Hiring Good Staff Members37
Integrating a Geriatric Care Management Business into Another Practice, Business, or Agency39
GCMs and Managed Care Organizations41
Chapter 4After the Start-up: Issues for Mature Care Management Organizations43
Defining a Niche43
Models of Geriatric Care Management44
Maintaining the Organization's Image44
Organizational Development52
Establishing Working Relationships with Key Organizations in the Community57
Joining Organizations and Networking Nationally58
Chapter 5Fee-for-Service Care Management in Not-for-Profit Settings61
Brief History of Case Management62
Private Practice Care Management versus Public and NFP Care Management63
NFPs' FFS Program Development Challenges64
Costs, Rates, and Billing67
Chapter 6Improving Care and Profitability through Integrated Information69
Information and Geriatric Care Management Organizations69
Information System Basics71
Different Models for How Organizations Use Information73
The Role of Information in Specific Care Management Functions76
A Model Information System Plan for Geriatric Care Management Organizations78
Information Sharing and the Value of an IIS83
Barriers and Benefits of an IIS84
Communications and Computing: The Internet and the World Wide Web87
Appendix 6-AHardware Fact Sheet92
Appendix 6-BWhat Does My Agency Need To Get Started?94
Part IIIGrowing and Managing the Business of Geriatric Care Management97
Chapter 7Marketing Geriatric Care Management99
Being a Care Manager as Well as a Salesperson99
Seeing the Client as a Customer100
What Is Marketing?100
Developing an Image102
Positioning the Agency103
Revamping an Agency's Image107
Writing a Mini Marketing Plan107
Doing Public Relations108
Chapter 8Revenue Sources for Geriatric Care Managers115
Payment by Private Individuals and Their Families116
Limitations of Third-Party Reimbursement and the Rise of Long-Term Insurance117
Non-Insurance-Related Third-Party Revenue Sources for GCMs123
Formation of Regional Trade Associations and Informal Provider Networks127
Chapter 9Care Management Credentialing131
Overview of Selected Credentialing and Certification Organizations135
Current and Future Issues141
Part IVClinical147
Chapter 10Geriatric Care Management with Families149
Geriatric Care Management with Families149
Working with Long-Distance Caregivers152
Helping Adult Children and Families Manage the Overwhelming Demands of Caregiving155
Working with Dysfunctional Family Systems157
Helping Families Develop Solutions for Their Needs158
Building Partnerships with Professionals159
Helping Caregivers Diffuse Conflict161
Helping Caregivers Establish Good Communications161
Encouraging Families To Communicate Their Needs162
Helping Caregivers Strike a Balance162
Assisting Spousal Caregivers and Working with Couples163
Continuum of Care Resources--Working as Part of a Team166
Helping Families Make the Decision To Place167
Appendix 10-AHow To Find a Qualified Geriatric Care Manager175
Chapter 11Geriatric Assessment177
Elements of the Assessment178
Case Study in Assessment179
Nursing Assessment179
Functional Assessment182
Thought Processes184
Urinary Incontinence186
Assessment Tools187
Writing the Assessment Findings and Designing the Care Plan203
Chapter 12Dementia and the Older Adult: The Role of the Geriatric Care Manager207
Defining and Diagnosing Dementia208
Dementia Experienced211
The GCM Role in Dementia Care216
Communicating with Other Professionals234
Training Family and Paid Caregivers about Dementia Care236
Appendix 12-AEvaluating Functional Assessment Instruments247
Appendix 12-BKey Target Area Impairments: Impact on Dementia Clients' Abilities251
Appendix 12-CReferral Checklist254
Chapter 13Depression and the Older Adult: The Role of the Geriatric Care Manager255
The Case of Mrs. W255
Screening Instruments258
Diagnosing Depression258
Depression and Dementia259
The Case of Mrs. C259
Depression and Caregivers261
The Case of Ms. A261
The Case of Ms. H263
Depression and the Role of the GCM264
The Role of the GCM in Training265
Chapter 14Incorporating a Spiritual Perspective into Geriatric Care Management269
The Purpose of Life's Last Stages269
Spiritual Tasks in Old Age271
Ways To Facilitate the Spiritual Process in Geriatric Care Management272
GCMs Look at Their Own Values, Spiritual Beliefs, and Family History274
Assessment of Clients' Values and Sources of Meaning275
Facilitating Spiritual Connections with People Who Have Dementia and Their Families281
Part VThe Future287
Chapter 15The Future of Geriatric Care Management289
Managing Care as a Mainstream Business, not a Boutique Business290
Diverse Professionals Delivering GCM Services: The Lawyer, the Accountant, the Trust Department292
The Impact of Changes in the Insurance Industry: The Deep Pockets of Third-Party Reimbursement300
Integrating Technology into In-Home Monitoring: 21st-Century Changes302
Ensuring Future Success in Geriatric Care Management: Thinking Ahead304
Appendix AContact Information311
Appendix BAssessments313

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