Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring

Handbook of ICU EEG Monitoring


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ISBN-13: 9780826168610
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication date: 02/28/2018
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 395,209
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Chapter 1 Equipment for EEG Acquisition and Review

Susan T. Herman

Chapter 2 Electrodes and Montages

Jennifer L. Hopp and Chalita C. Atallah

Chapter 3 Networking, Remote Monitoring, and Data Storage

Joshua Andrew Ehrenberg

Chapter 4 Staffing an ICU EEG Monitoring Unit

Abdulrahman Alwaki, Joshua Andrew Ehrenberg, and Andres Rodriguez-Ruiz


Chapter 5 Status Epilepticus

Sebastian Pollandt and Thomas P. Bleck

Chapter 6 Ischemic Stroke

Wendy L. Wright

Chapter 7 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Michael Mendoza and Adam Webb

Chapter 8 Intracranial Hemorrhage

Jonathan Elmer and Lori A. Shutter

Chapter 9 Infectious and Inflammatory Conditions

Olga Taraschenko and Nicolas Gaspard

Chapter 10 Traumatic Brain Injury

Brad J. Kolls

Chapter 11 Prognosis Following Cardiac Arrest in Adults

Amy Z. Crepeau

Chapter 12 Therapeutic Hypothermia in the Neonatal and Pediatric Populations

Nicholas S. Abend and Courtney J. Wusthoff

Chapter 13 Prognosis in Patients Without Cardiac Arrest

Leslie A. Rudzinski

Chapter 14 EEG Monitoring in the Medical ICU

Monica B. Dhakar, Stephen Hantus, and Emily J. Gilmore

Chapter 15 EEG Monitoring in the Pediatric ICU

Cecil D. Hahn and William B. Gallentine


Chapter 16 Overview of Standardized Critical Care EEG Terminology

Jessica W. Templer and Elizabeth E. Gerard

Chapter 17 Background Activity

Kevin F. Haas

Chapter 18 Lateralized Periodic Discharges

Jessica W. Templer and Elizabeth E. Gerard

Chapter 19 Generalized Periodic Discharges

Joshua Martin and Brandon Foreman

Chapter 20 Other Periodic and Rhythmic Patterns

Nicolas Gaspard

Chapter 21 The Ictal–Interictal Continuum

Suzette M. LaRoche and Valia Rodríguez

Chapter 22 Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus

Hiba Arif Haider and Frank W. Drislane

Chapter 23 Neonatal Seizures and Status Epilepticus

Rawad Obeid and Tammy N. Tsuchida

Chapter 24 Postanoxic Encephalopathy

Tadeu A. Fantaneanu and Jong Woo Lee

Chapter 25 Artifacts

Sarah E. Schmitt

Chapter 26 Interrater Agreement for EEG Interpretation

Jonathan J. Halford

Chapter 27 Quantitative EEG: Basic Principles

Saurabh R. Sinha

Chapter 28 Quantitative EEG for Detection of Seizures

Hiba Arif Haider and Suzette M. LaRoche

Chapter 29 Quantitative EEG for Ischemia Detection

Carlos F. Muñiz, Sahar Zafar, and M. Brandon Westover


Chapter 30 Generalized Convulsive Status Epilepticus

Christa B. Swisher and Aatif M. Husain

Chapter 31 Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus in Adults

Sara Hocker and Peter W. Kaplan

Chapter 32 Status Epilepticus in the Pediatric Population

Sarah Welsh, James Riviello, and Alexis Topjian

Chapter 33 Alternative Therapies for Refractory Status Epilepticus

Emily L. Johnson and Mackenzie C. Cervenka

Chapter 34 Prophylaxis of Seizures in the ICU Population

Gretchen M. Brophy and Eljim P. Tesoro


Chapter 35 Neonatal ICU EEG Guidelines

Nancy McNamara and Renée Shellhaas

Chapter 36 ACNS Consensus Statement for Pediatrics and Adults

Susan T. Herman

Chapter 37 Billing and Coding for ICU EEG Monitoring

Marc R. Nuwer

Chapter 38 Report Generation and Communication With the ICU Team

Stephen Hantus

Chapter 39 Multimodality Monitoring

Carolina Barbosa Maciel, Jan Claassen, and Emily J. Gilmore

Chapter 40 EEG Monitoring in the ICU: Future Directions

Nicholas S. Abend and Lawrence J. Hirsch


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