Handbook of Intelligence: Theories, Measurements, and Applications

Handbook of Intelligence: Theories, Measurements, and Applications

by Benjamin B. Wolman (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780471897385
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/10/1985
Pages: 985
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Table of Contents


Genetic Determinants of Intelligence (Steven G. Vandenberg and George P. Vogler).

Cognitive Approaches to Intelligence (Robert J. Sternberg).

Neurological Foundations of Intelligence (George W. Hynd and W. Grant Willis).

Genetic Epistemology and the Development of Intelligence (Gerald E. Gruen).

General Intelligence: An Integration of Factor, Test, and Simplex Theory (Lloyd G. Humphreys).

The Structure-of-Intellect Model (J. P. Guilford).

Remodeling Old Models of Intelligence (John L. Horn).

Intelligence: A Life-Span Developmental Perspective (Roger A. Dixon, et al.).


The Validity of Tests of Intelligence (Nathan Brody).

Environment and IQ (Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr.

and Nancy L. Segal).

The Controversy Related to the Use of Intelligence Tests (Robert M. Kaplan).

Infant Intelligence and Its Assessment.

(Michael Lewis and Margaret Wolan Sullivan).

Clinical Assessment of Children's Intelligence with the Wechsler Scales (Cecil R. Reynolds and Alan S. Kaufman).

New Directions in Intelligence Testing: The Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC) (Alan S. Kaufman, et al.) Mental Measurement of Minority Group Children (Thomas Oakland and Ronald Parmelee).

Transcultural Intellectual Assessment: Performance by Hispanics on the Wechsler Scales (Damian McShane and Valerie J. Cook).

Toward a Psychology of Giftedness: A Concept in Search of Development (Mary Meeker).

Assessment of Mentally Retarded Individuals (Kazuo Nihira).

Group Tests of Intelligence (Roger T. Lennon).


Intelligence and Mental Health (Benjamin B. Wolman).

Clinical Applications (Ira Lee Zimmerman and James M. Woo-Sam).

Clinical Uses of the WAIS-R: Base Rates of Differences Between VIQ and PIQ in the WAIS-R Standardization Sample (Joseph D. Matarazzo and David O. Herman).

Educational Applications of Intelligence Testing (Ann E. Boehm).


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