Handbook of Jesus' Parables

Handbook of Jesus' Parables

by Walter J. Schenck (Compiler)



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Handbook of Jesus' Parables by Walter J. Schenck

The parables and words of Jesus are presented in an easy-to-read, enjoyable presentation along with 37 black and white illustrations. These eternal lessons should delight everyone of every age and faith.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780595166589
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

The Narrow Door2
Illustration 1The Narrow Door3
Wise & Foolish Builders4
Illustration 2Wise and Foolish Builders5
Candle Under a Bushel6
Illustration 3Candle Under A Bushel7
Parable of the Seed8
Illustration 4Parable of the Seed9
A House Divided10
Illustration 5A House Divided11
The Strongman12
Illustration 6The Strongman13
The Two Debtors14
Illustration 7The Two Debtors15
The Sower16
Illustration 8The Sower17
Wheat among the Tares18
Illustration 9Wheat Among the Tares19
The Mustard Seed20
Illustration 10The Mustard Seed21
The Leaven22
Illustration 11The Leaven23
The Hidden Treasure24
Illustration 12The Hidden Treasure25
The Treasure26
Illustration 13The Treasure27
Generation of Vipers29
Pearl of Great Price30
Illustration 14Pearl of Great Price31
The Dragnet32
Illustration 15The Dragnet33
The Unmerciful Slave34
Illustration 16The Unmerciful Slave35
What Shall We Do?37
The Good Samaritan38
Illustration 17The Good Samaritan39
The Friend at Midnight40
Illustration 18The Friend at Midnight41
The Rich Fool42
Illustration 19The Rich Fool43
The Unproductive Fig Tree44
Illustration 20The Unproductive Fig Tree45
The Great Supper46
Illustration 21The Great Supper47
One Lost Sheep48
Illustration 22One Lost Sheep49
The Lost Coin50
Illustration 23The Lost Coin51
The Compassionate Father52
Illustration 24The Compassionate Father53
Forgive Your Repentant Brothers56
The Unjust Steward57
Illustration 25The Unjust Steward59
Rich Man & Eleazar60
Illustration 26The Rich Man and Eleazar61
God's Kingdom Is Within Us63
Persistent Widow64
Illustration 27The Persistent Widow65
Pharisee & Tax Collector66
Illustration 28The Pharisee & The Tax Collector67
Workers in the Vineyard68
Illustration 29Workers in the Vineyard69
As in the Days of Noah71
The Ten Minas72
Illustration 30The Ten Minas73
As in the Days of Lot75
The Two Children76
Illustration 31The Two Children77
The Wicked Tenants78
Illustration 32The Wicked Tenants79
The Prime Commandments81
The Wedding Feast82
Illustration 33The Wedding Feast83
How to Inherit Everlasting Life85
The Ten Virgins86
Illustration 34The Ten Virgins87
To Rule, First Serve89
The Talents90
Illustration 35The Talents91
Have Faith in God93
The Watchful Steward94
Illustration 36The Watchful Steward95
The Sheep & the Goats96
Illustration 37The Sheep & The Goats97
Author's Biography103

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Handbook of Jesus' Parables 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Walter_Schenck More than 1 year ago
Glen, I apologize for the misunderstanding you had concerning my Handbook of Jesus Parables. It is indeed a compilation, with no exposition and no reference material, other than God's Holy Spirit which guided my hand in all my writings. The purpose of the book is to present to the modern reader instant access to Jesus' Parables in a fresh light, with quote marks, sentences, and paragraphs in a highly structure presentation that the reader can carry in his back pocket or purse. You may not realize this, but the United States government has presented me with the only copyright ever granted to an explorer of the Parables. Many have tried, all have failed, with the exception of myself. In fact, the President of the copyright office personally called me to congratulate me on the accomplishment. I went to the original Koine Greek to achieve this monumental task. By staying away from false interpretations, and relying on God's blessing and voice, I came to the realization of what I had to do to encapsulate Jesus' words away from all the interpolations bounding his work in misrepresentaion. In this perfect Handbook, the reader will gain the cleanest and most honest renderings of Jesus illustrations. For that I am very proud. Readers often look into a mirror and never see the truth due to the cloudy edges. That is why I ventured on my handbook: to remove the fog of too many things. However, to pursue this just a bit further and possibly of interest to you and perhaps others, I have been writing an interpretation of Jesus' parables. It is quite a wonderful book. Like all my other writings, it promises to be unique with an intensity of truth in each page. As I have so often said, this Handbook is the right companion to sit alongside the Bible as is my Jesus of the Four Gospels. As soon as I can I will present to the world a truthful interpretation of Jesus' Parables with all the exciting things of history that brought about Jesus' words to the world.
Glenn_Brown More than 1 year ago
The word "Handbook" in the title is misleading. This book is simply a compilation of the parables. Other than a skimpy glossary of terms, there is NO reference material, NO explanatory notes, NO exposition, NO background information, NO context and NO insight into the parables. If you just want to read the parables, save the $3.99 and read the parables in your own Bible.