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ISBN-13: 9780849312007
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/29/2002
Series: Electrical Engineering Handbook Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 824
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 10.10(h) x 1.90(d)

Table of Contents

There's Plenty of Room at the Top, Richard P. Feynmann, Caltech, California, USA Room at the Bottom, Plenty of Tyranny at the Top, Karl Hess, University of Illinois USA SECTION 2, MOLECULAR AND NANO-ELECTRONICS: CONCEPTS, CHALLENGES, AND DESIGNS Engineering Challenges in Molecular Electronics, Gregory N. Parsons, North Carolina State University, USA Molecular Electronic Computing Architectures, James M. Tour and Dustin K. James,, Rice University, Texas, USA Nanoelectronic Circuit Architectures, Wolfgang Porod, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA Nanocomputer Architectronics and Nanotechnology, Sergey Lyshevski, Purdue University, Indiana, USA Architectures for Molecular Electronic Computers, James C. Ellenbogen and J. Christopher Love The MITRE Corporation, Virginia, USA Spintronics-Spin-based Electronics, S.A. Wolf, DARPA/DSO, Virginia, USA, A.Y. Chtchelkanova and D. M. Treger Strategic Analysis, Inc., Virginia, USA,
QWIP: A Quantum Device Success, K.K. Choi, Maryland, USA SECTION 3, MOLECULAR ELECTRONICS: FUNDAMENTALS PROCESSES Molecular Conductance Junctions: A Theory and Modeling Progress Report, Vladimiro Mujica and Mark A. Ratner, Northwestern University, ILLINOIS, USA Modeling Electronics at the Nanoscale, Narayan R. Aluru, Jean-Pierre Leburton, William McMahon, Umberto Ravaioli, Slava V. Rotkin, Trudy van der Straaten, and Karl Hess, University of Illinois, USA and Martin Staedele, Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany, and Blair R. Tuttle, Pennsylvania State University, USA Resistance of a Molecule, Magnus Paulsson, Ferdows Zahid, and Supriyo Datta, Purdue University, Indiana, USA SECTION 4, MANIPULATION AND ASSEMBLY Nanomanipulation: Buckling, Transport and Rolling at the Nanoscale, Richard Superfine, Michael Falvo, Russell M. Taylor II, and Sean Washburn, University of North Carolina, USA,
Nanoparticle Manipulation by Electrostatic Forces, Michael Pycraft Hughes, University of Surrey, UK Biologically Mediated Assembly of Artificial Nano and Micro- Structures, R. Bashir, Purdue University, Indiana, USA Nanostructural Architectures from Molecular Building Blocks, Damian G. Allis and James T. Spencer, Syracuse University, New York, USA SECTION 5, FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURES AND MECHANICS Nanomechanics, Boris I. Yakobson, Rice University, Texas, USA Carbon Nanotubes, M. Meyyappen and Deepak Srivastava, NASA Ames Research Center, California, USA Mechanics of Carbon Nanotubes, Dong Qian, Gregory J. Wagner, and Wing Kam Liu, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA Min-Feng Yu Zyvex Corporation, Texas, USA and Rodney S. Ruoff, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA Dendrimers - An Enabling Synthetic Science to Controlled Organic Nanostructures, D. A. Tomalia and R. Esfand, Dendritic Nanotechnologies Ltd., Michigan, USA K. Martel, S. Henderson and G. Holan, Starpharma Limited, Melbourne, Australia,
Design and Applications of Photonic Crystals, Dennis W. Prather, Ahmed S. Sharkawy, and Shouyuan Shi, University of Delaware, USA Nanostructured Materials, Airat A. Nazarov and Radik R. Mulyukov, Russian Academy of Sciences Nano- and Micromachines in NEMS and MEMS, Sergey Edward Lyshevski, Purdue University, Indiana, USA Contributions of Molecular Modeling to Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology, D.W. Brenner, O.A. Shenderova, J. D. Schall, D.A. Areshkin, S. Adiga, North Carolina State University, USA, J.A. Harrison, US Naval Academy, USA , and S.J. Stuart, Clemson University, USA

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