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ISBN-13: 9780874741858
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press
Publication date: 01/17/1985
Series: Hdbk North Amer Indians Series
Pages: 848
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 13.80(h) x 1.93(d)

About the Author

David Damas is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Key to Tribal Territories Chapter 2 Technical Alphabet Chapter 3 English Pronunciations Chapter 4 Transliteration of Russian Cyrillic Chapter 5 Conventions for Illustrations Chapter 6 Preface Chapter 7 Introduction Chapter 8 History of Research Before 1945 Chapter 9 History of Archaeology After 1945 Chapter 10 History of Ethnology After 1945 Chapter 11 Physical Environment Chapter 12 Arctic Ecosystems Chapter 13 Eskimo and Aleut Languages Chapter 14 Human Biology of the Arctic Chapter 15 Prehistory: Summary Part 16 Western Arctic Chapter 17 Prehistory of North Alaska Chapter 18 Prehistory of the Bering Sea Region Chapter 19 Prehistory of the Asian Eskimo Zone Chapter 20 Prehistory of the Aleutian Region Chapter 21 Prehistory of the Pacific Eskimo Region Chapter 22 Exploration and Contact History of Western Alaska Chapter 23 Aleut Chapter 24 Pacific Eskimo: Historical Ethnography Chapter 25 Contemporary Pacific Eskimo Chapter 26 Southwest Alaska Eskimo: Introduction Chapter 27 Nunivak Eskimo Chapter 28 Mainland Southwest Alaska Eskimo Chapter 29 Asiatic Eskimo: Introduction Chapter 30 Siberian Eskimo Chapter 31 Saint Lawrence Island Eskimo Chapter 32 North Alaska Eskimo: Introduction Chapter 33 Bering Strait Eskimo Chapter 34 Kotzebue Sound Eskimo Chapter 35 North Alaska Coast Eskimo Chapter 36 Interior North Alaska Eskimo Chapter 37 Mackenzie Delta Eskimo Part 38 Canadian Arctic Chapter 39 Pre-Dorset and Dorset Prehistory of Canada Chapter 40 Thule Prehistory of Canada Chapter 41 Exploration and History of the Canadian Arctic Chapter 42 Central Eskimo: Introduction Chapter 43 Copper Eskimo Chapter 44 Netsilik Chapter 45 Iglulik Chapter 46 Caribou Eskimo Chapter 47 Baffinland Eskimo Chapter 48 Inuit of Quebec Chapter 49 Historical Ethnography of the Labrador Coast Part 50 Greenland Chapter 51 Greenland Eskimo: Introduction Chapter 52 Paleo-Eskimo Cultures of Greenland Chapter 53 Neo-Eskimo Prehistory of Greenland Chapter 54 History of Norse Greenland Chapter 55 History of Colonial Greenland Chapter 56 Polar Eskimo Chapter 57 West Greenland Before 1950 Chapter 58 East Greenland Before 1950 Chapter 59 Greenlandic Written Literature Part 60 The 1950-1980 Period Chapter 61 Alaska Eskimo Modernization Chapter 62 The Last Claims Era in Alaska Chapter 63 Contemporary Canadian Inuit Chapter 64 The Grise Fiord Project Chapter 65 Contemporary Inuit of Quebec Chapter 66 Coastal Northern Labrador After 1950 Chapter 67 Contemporary Greenlanders Chapter 68 East Greenland After 1950 Chapter 69 The Pan-Eskimo Movement Chapter 70 Contributors Chapter 71 Bibliography Chapter 72 Index

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