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Handbook of Personality, Second Edition: Theory and Research / Edition 2

Handbook of Personality, Second Edition: Theory and Research / Edition 2


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Handbook of Personality, Second Edition: Theory and Research / Edition 2

The fully revised second edition of this classic text ushers the study of personality into the 21st century. Chapters from foremost authorities provide a historical overview of modern personality theory, bring major theoretical perspectives into focus, and report on the current state of the science in a range of key domains. Documenting the ongoing evolution of psychoanalytic, trait, social cognitive, and interactional approaches, the volume explores the dynamic interface between personality psychology and other disciplines. In particular, the recent explosion of knowledge about biological aspects of personality is reflected in chapters on evolutionary psychology, behavioral genetics, neuroscience, and temperament. Major research is also presented on such defining topics as the self; the psychological unconscious; motivational processes; emotion and emotion regulation; stress, coping, and health; interpersonal behavior; personality assessment; and more.

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ISBN-13: 9781572306950
Publisher: Guilford Publications, Inc.
Publication date: 05/28/2001
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 738
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Lawrence A. Pervin is Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University. Following an undergraduate education at Brooklyn College and Queens College (City University of New York), he obtained his doctorate from Harvard University in 1962. After six years at Princeton University he went to Rutgers as an Associate Dean to help develop a new, experimental college. The author of many journal articles, including a Citation Classic, and invited book chapters, he also is the author of two leading personality texts, «MDUL»Personality: Theory and Research«MDNM» (Fifth Edition) and «MDUL»Current Controversies and Issues in Personality«MDNM» (Second Edition). Dr. Pervin has served on the editorial board of «MDUL»Psychological Review«MDNM» and the «MDUL»Journal of Personality and Social Psychology«MDNM», and is founding editor of «MDUL»Psychological Inquiry«MDNM», a new international journal of peer commentary and review.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. History of Modern Personality Theory and Research, Winter and Barenbaum
II. Theoretical Perspectives
2. Human Nature and Individual Differences: The Evolution of Human Personality, Buss
3. Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality, Westen and Gabbard
4. The Big Five Trait Taxonomy: History, Measurement, and Theoretical Perspectives, John and Srivastava
5. A Five-Factor Theory of Personality, McCrae and Costa, Jr.
6. Social Cognitive Theory of Personality, Bandura
7. Integrating Dispositions and Processing Dynamics within a Unified Theory of Personality: The Cognitive-Affective Personality System, Mischel and Shoda
8. Holistic Interactionism: A Theoretical Framework, Magnusson
III. Interface with Other Fields
9. Behavioral Genetics and Personality, Plomin and Caspi
10. The Neuroscience of Personality, Pickering and Gray
11. Personality Continuity and Change across the Life Course, Caspi and Roberts
12. On the Development of Personality, Lewis
13. Personality and Psychopathology, Widiger, Verheul, and van den Brink
14. On the Interface between Personality and Social Psychology, Baumeister
15. The Cultural Constitution of Personality, Cross and Markus
IV. Content Areas
16. Temperament: A New Paradigm for Trait Psychology, Clark and Watson
17. The Psychological Unconscious, Kihlstrom
18. Naturalizing the Self, Robins, Norem, and Cheek
19. Personal Narratives and the Life Story, McAdams
20. Personality and Motivation: Personal Action and the Conative Evolution, Little
21. Emotion and Emotion Regulation, Gross
22. Stress, Coping, and Self-Regulatory Processes, Carver and Scheier
23. Personality and Health: Dispositions and Processes in Disease Susceptibility and Adaptation to Illness, Contrada, Cather, and O'Leary
24. Attribution in Personality Psychology, Weiner and Graham
25. Creativity and Genius, Simonton
26. The Fields of Interpersonal Behavior, Wiggins and Trobst
27. Four Principles for Personality Assessment, Ozer
V. Overview
28. Epilogue: Constancy and Change in Personality Theory and Research, Pervin


Students, teachers, and researchers of personality and social psychology.
Serves as a core text in advanced undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

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