Handbook of Preschool Mental Health, Second Edition: Development, Disorders, and Treatment

Handbook of Preschool Mental Health, Second Edition: Development, Disorders, and Treatment

by Joan L. Luby MD (Editor)

Paperback(Second Edition)

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Comprehensively exploring the development of psychiatric disorders in 2- to 6-year-olds, this authoritative handbook has been thoroughly revised to incorporate important scientific and clinical advances. Leading researchers examine how behavioral and emotional problems emerge and can be treated effectively during this period of rapid developmental and brain changes.  Current knowledge is presented on conduct disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, autism spectrum disorder, attachment disorders, and sleep disorders in very young children. The volume reviews a range of interventions for preschoolers and their caregivers--including clear descriptions of clinical techniques--and discusses the strengths and limitations of the empirical evidence base.

New to This Edition
*Many new authors; extensively revised with the latest research and empirically supported treatments.
*Heightened focus on brain development and the neural correlates of disorders.
*Section on risk and resilience, including chapters on sensitive periods of development and the early environment.
*Chapters on parent-child interaction therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapies, attachment-based therapies, and translational approaches to early intervention.

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ISBN-13: 9781462533800
Publisher: Guilford Publications, Inc.
Publication date: 10/25/2017
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 416
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About the Author

Joan L. Luby, MD, is the Samuel and Mae S. Ludwig Professor of Psychiatry (Child) at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, where she is also founder and director of the Early Emotional Development Program. Dr. Luby’s research focuses on preschool mood disorders, particularly depression--its clinical characteristics, biological markers, and associated alterations in brain and emotional development in young children with depressive syndromes. Another key area of interest is treatment development that focuses on early psychotherapeutic intervention, sensitive periods, and neural markers of change. Dr. Luby’s contributions include establishing the criteria for identification, validation, and early intervention in depressive syndromes in the preschool age group, as well as studies showing the effect of parental nurturance and early experiences of poverty on brain development. She is a recipient of honors including the Gerald Klerman Prize for Clinical Research from NARSAD (now the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation) and the Irving Philips Award for Prevention from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Luby has published extensively in general and child psychiatry journals and serves on a number of editorial boards.

Table of Contents

I. Developmental Psychopathology of Early-Onset Disorders: Risk and Resilience
1. Sensitive Periods of Development: Implications for Risk and Resilience, Sonya Troller-Renfree & Nathan A. Fox
2. Effects of Early Environment and Caregiving: Risk and Protective Factors in Developmental Psychopathology, Neha Navsaria, Kirsten Gilbert, Shannon Lenze, & Diana Whalen
3. Brain Development during the Preschool Period, Jessica N. Bullins, Shaili C. Jha, Rebecca C. Knickmeyer, & John H. Gilmore
II. Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Preschool Children
4. Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder, Walter Matthys, Tessa Bunte, & Kim Schoemaker
5. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Mini Tandon
6. Anxiety Disorders, Chad M. Sylvester & Daniel S. Pine
7. Depressive Disorders: Phenomenology and Alterations in Emotion Processing, Joan L. Luby & Andy C. Belden
8. Autism Spectrum Disorders, Natasha Marrus & John N. Constantino
9. Attachment Disorders, Brandon Duft, Brian Stafford & Charles H. Zeanah
10. Sleep Disorders, Melissa M. Burnham, Erika E. Gaylor, & Thomas F. Anders
III. Empirically Supported Interventions for Disorders in Preschool Children
11. Parent–Child Interaction Therapy and Its Adaptations, R. Meredith Elkins, Nicholas D. Mian, Jonathan S. Comer, & Donna B. Pincus
12. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies, Devi Miron & Michael S. Scheeringa
13. Attachment-Based Parent–Child Relational Therapies, Cecilia Martinez-Torteya, Katherine Rosenblum, & Sheila Marcus
14. Updates on Early Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Timing, Targets, and Mechanisms, Connie Kasari, Amanda C. Gulsrud, & Shafali Jeste
15. Updates on Preschool Psychopharmacological Treatment, Mary Margaret Gleason & Lauren Teverbaugh
16. Integrating Translational Developmental Neuroscience into Early Development for Preschool Psychopathology: A Proposed Model and Example, Michael S. Gaffrey


Practitioners working with infants and young children and their caregivers, including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and early intervention specialists; developmental psychologists; also of interest to pediatricians. May serve as a supplemental text in graduate-level courses

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