Handbook of Social Functioning in Schizophrenia / Edition 1

Handbook of Social Functioning in Schizophrenia / Edition 1

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Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

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Handbook of Social Functioning in Schizophrenia / Edition 1

It is now widely recognized that impairment in social functioning is one of the most enduring features of schizophrenia. While some medications are effective in reducing psychotic symptoms, they tend to have little or no effect on the social functioning of these patients. To address the social needs of patients with schizophrenia, increased attention has been paid to developing interventions designed to improve their social functioning. However, little is understood about the nature of these patients' social deficits, their origins, course, and response to treatment. With increased efforts aimed at improving social functioning in schizophrenia, there is a need for resources that summarize and synthesize recent findings related to this topic.

This is the most authoritative, up-to-date, comprehensive book available that examines social functioning in this disorder from a wide variety of perspectives. This handbook is an important reference work that provides integrated summaries on topics of importance to clinicians and researchers, including: assessment, phenomenology, rehabilitation, quality of life, and more.

Clinicians and researchers working with schizophrenic patients. It is also a useful addition to libraries. A Longwood Professional Book.

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ISBN-13: 9780205164448
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 03/03/1998
Pages: 455
Product dimensions: 7.75(w) x 9.50(h) x 1.12(d)

Table of Contents


1.Social Functioning in the Community: by Jack E. Scott and Anthony F. Lehman.

2.Social Functioning in Residential and Institutional Settings, by Til Wykes.

3.Social Adjustment of Patients Living at Home, by Linda Clare and Max Birchwood.

4.Quality of Life, by Peter Huxley.

5.Psychopathology and Social Functioning in Schizophrenia, by Shirley M. Glynn.

6.Social Skills and Social Functioning, by Kim T. Mueser and Alan S. Bellack.

7.Phenomenological Perspectives on the Social Functioning of People with Schizophrenia, by Larry Davidson, David Stayner, and Karl E. Haglund.


8.Developmental Origins of Interpersonal Deficits in Schizophrenia, by Craig S. Neumann and Elaine F. Walker.

9.Long-Term Outcome of Social Functioning, by Courtney M. Harding and Andrew B. Keller.


10.Gender Differences in Social Functioning, by Gretchen L. Haas and Lorraine S. Garratt.

11.Affect and Social Functioning in Schizophrenia, by Jack J. Blanchard and Catherine Panzarella.

12.Affect Perception and Social Knowledge in Schizophrenia, by Jonathan S. E. Hellewell and Jane F. Whittaker.

13.Cognitive Factors and Social Adjustment in Schizophrenia, by David L. Penn, Patrick W. Corrigan, and J. Meg Racenstein.


14.Sexuality and Family Planning, by John H. Coverdale and Henry Grunebaum.

15.Social Networks and Schizophrenia, by Eugenia T. Randolph.

16.Stigma, by Amerigo Farina.

17.Substance Use Disorders and Social Functioning in Schizophrenia, by Robert E. Drake, Mary F. Brunette, and Kim T. Mueser.

18.The Economics of Social Dysfunction, by Massimo Moscarelli.


19.Social Skills Training, by Alex Kopelowicz, Patrick W. Corrigan, Mark Schade, and Robert P. Liberman.

20.Social Functioning and Family Interventions, by Christine Barrowclough and Nicholas Tarrier.

21.Cognitive Remediation in Schizophrenia , by Robert S. Kern and Michael F. Green.

22.Models of Case Management and their Impact on Social Outcomes of Severe Mental Illness, by Tom K.J. Craig.

23.Role of Social Functioning in Vocational Rehabilitation, by Gary R. Bond, Robert E. Drake, and Deborah R. Becker.

24.Pharmacological Treatments in Schizophrenia, by Eve C. Johnstone and Robert Sandler.

25.Social Functioning and Challenging Behavior, by Geoff Shepard.

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