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Handbook of Solution-Focused Conflict Management

Handbook of Solution-Focused Conflict Management

by Fredrike Bannink

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Benjamin Franklin once said: “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” In the new and highly successful approach of solution-focused conflict management described here, the focus is on discovering these opportunities to find the “win-win” scenario. The key lies in asking eliciting questions about goals, exceptions, and competencies and in motivating clients to change. Clients’ perspectives are considered primary, and they are empowered to formulate their own hopes for the future and to devise ways to make them happen. Focusing on the preferred future facilitates change in the desired direction.

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ISBN-13: 9781613343845
Publisher: Hogrefe Publishing
Publication date: 09/07/2010
Sold by: Libreka GmbH
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 186
File size: 523 KB

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kenneth Cloke: Building Bridges Between Psychology and
Conflict Resolution - Implications for Mediator Learning
Peer Commentaries
1 Bloodtaking and Peacemaking
Conflict Management Is of All Times and All Species
Modern Conflict Management
Story 1: Taking a Different View

2 Background Issues
Game Theory
Quantum Mechanics and Neuroscience
Hope Theory
Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions
Story 2: Feeding a Fellow

3 Solution-Focused Interviewing
Principles of Solution-Focused Interviewing
Story 3: Do Something Different
Looking to the Future (1)
Assumptions With an Eye on Solutions
Acknowledgment and Possibilities
Microanalysis of Conversations
Empirical Evidence
Indications and Contraindications
Story 4: The Problem of Looking for Problems

4 Solution-Focused Conflict Management
Four Dimensions in Conflict Thinking
Looking to the Future (2)
Clients, Parties, Lawyers, and Litigants: What's in the Name?
Between Traditional and Solution-Focused Conflict
Changing Conflict Stories

5 Four Basic Solution-Focused Questions
Questions About Hope
Story 5: The Power of Hope
Questions About Differences
Questions About What Is Already Working
About the Next Step or Sign of Progress
Solution-Focused Conflict Management in Practice

6 More Solution-Focused Questions
More Questions
What Else?
Premediation Change
Interactional Matrix
Looking to the Future (3): Future-Oriented Questions
6: Working from the Future Back
Scaling Questions: Hope, Motivation, and Confidence
Scaling Questions: Respect - Contempt
Questions: Pure Collaboration - Pure Conflict
What Is Better?

7 Divorce Mediation
Story 7: The Importance of Accepting Compliments

8 Working Alliance and Motivation to Change
Motivation to Change
Visitor, Complainant, or Customer
Attitude of the Solution-Focused Mediator
Resistance Is Not a Useful Concept
Scaling Motivation, Confidence, and Hope
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
Persuasion Theory
Working Alliance
Motivation of the Mediator

9 Neighbor Conflict Mediation
Story 8: Drawing Boundaries

10 More Solution-Focused Tools
Focus on Positive Emotions
Apologies, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation
"I Don't Know"
Externalization of the Conflict
Spacing Meetings
Consensus-Building Solution-Focused Consensus-Building

11 Team Mediation
Game Theory Revisited: Trust
"Liquid Trust"
The Price to Pay
Story 9: Finding Peace

12 Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed Conflict Management
Client-Directed Conflict Management
Outcome-Informed Conflict Management
Session Rating Scale

13 Family Mediation

14 Brief Comparison with Other Models
Building Solutions Is Different from Problem Solving
Problem Solving Mediation and Solution-Focused Mediation: A Comparison
Transformative Mediation and Solution-Focused Mediation: A Comparison
Narrative Mediation and Solution-Focused Mediation: A Comparison
Conclusion Research on Feedback

15 Personal Injury Mediation
Seating Arrangements
Dollars and Cents

16 Failures
Pathways to Impossibility
Solution-Focused Questions in Case of Failure
Saving Face

17 Victim-Offender Mediation
Restorative Justice
Victim-Offender Mediation
Epilogue by Fredrike Bannink
Epilogue by Kenneth Cloke
Protocol: First Meeting
Protocol: Subsequent Meetings
Interactional Matrix
Externalization of the Conflict
Session Rating Scale (SRS V.3.0)

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