Handful of Seashells

Handful of Seashells

by Travis Cole


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A collection of Short Stories by Travis Cole - predominantly set in the Louisiana Bayou.

About the Author:
Travis was born in Austin Texas in 1955. He has been a lifelong adventurer and entrepreneur. In 1961 his family moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As he grew up, he became fascinated with building boats. By 18, he had traveled by boat throughout the waterways of southern Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico, then moved back to Texas.

He became especially interested in how the pyramids were built in his fascination with history, astronomy, and physics. These subjects would remain of great interest to him to this day.

He worked as a realtor while in college, then in 1976 started a woodworking factory in Houston, which he sold in 1981. With a partner, his next venture was a small shipyard. By 1983 he was inspired to go into the financial services industry, and soon thereafter moved to the birthplace of the personal computer: Silicon Valley California.

In the mid 1980's, he published his book "Down at the Bank." This was part of a recruiting and sales training system that literally made his company take off. For years, as an entertaining public speaker, he traveled nationwide conducting seminars to recruit and train new agents and brokers. A large sales force was built over the years, and he won numerous sales contests and conventions to travel widely.

He owned a cabin cruiser and was an avid scuba diver. He has snow skied the Rockies and Sierras, and sailed in the Caribbean, and the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. As a windsurfer, he has sailed in Hawaii, and various spots in California near Santa Cruz, and even under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Travis was attacked by multiple sclerosis in recent years, with resulting loss of vision. In June of 2000, he moved with his wife and son back to his hometown, Austin, Texas. He enjoys writing, because, he says, "Just because a man is blind, that doesn't mean he can not see."

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ISBN-13: 9781932344271
Publisher: Thornton Publishing CO
Publication date: 02/17/2003
Pages: 210
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