Handful of Stars: Sales Mantras for Winners

Handful of Stars: Sales Mantras for Winners

by Anshuman Sharma


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Selling is a game of skills. A sales-person needs to do all right things to finally close the sale. Though sales team is supported by whole organization including teams from marketing, customer support and operations but they take the responsibility of company's revenues. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful sales-person is more related to the selling skills rather than the support he received from the company. This is also true that the product and service to be sold has to be good enough to be accepted in the market, as a faulty product or a substandard service cannot be saved even by the best sales-person of the world.

A good sales-person is committed to sales and enjoys the process of sales. She improves herself consistently to be better every day by building better relationships and closing more sales. She meets her sales targets and asks for more. She is liked and trusted by organization's customers and has high percentage of repeat sales. She has the amazing ability of understating the customer's requirements and satisfying them with required product or service. She is highly efficient and dynamic and regularly takes challenges in sales. Every sales-person can be great in sales, and the process starts the moment she decides to be better in selling.

This book would try to create great sales teams full of excellent sales-persons. This book would list the attributes of a perfect sales-person and describe ways to develop those skills. Selling can be an interesting and exciting journey for a successful person who could reach to the pinnacle of her organization. This resource would try to lift the competencies and career of every reader to a much higher level, if she follows the ideas specified and customize them in her own context.

This book is not a textbook seeking to describe the concept of selling instead it is an action book which can be immediately put to use by any person who want to excel in sales. The book is written in simple and lucid form so as to help even a layman to excel in sales.

This book can be read in any format suitable to the reader; she can start from chapter 1 or choose to read any chapter from the book. But it is necessary to read every page and understand the idea in your own context and implement it immediately. I hope to add substantial value to your sales career.

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Publication date: 08/07/2012
Pages: 110
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