Handwriting Brain Body DisConnect: Adaptive teaching techniques to unlock a child's dysgraphia for the classroom and at home

Handwriting Brain Body DisConnect: Adaptive teaching techniques to unlock a child's dysgraphia for the classroom and at home


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School is tough enough when you know how to write. Imagine being one of the 33% of students who struggle with writing letters and numbers. This inability or difficulty is called dysgraphia. Children who suffer from dysgraphia often earn the reputation of being lazy or dumb. However, these children, like all children, want to succeed. They do not need to live lives of frustration and anxiety and a constant feeling of failing the adults they respect.

For over a decade, Cheri Dotterer has observed children with these challenges in school systems across the world. She witnessed their struggle with not only writing but also the challenging behaviors due to their feelings of defeat from the frustration. While experiencing writing challenges as a child and becoming a professional in occupational therapy with a specialty in dysgraphia, Cheri has discovered a process to reduce the anxiety and frustration in children and build up their confidence and competence while writing. In this book, you will discover:

  • How the brain and body work together to create neural pathways for learning
  • How different environmental features interfere with learning
  • How to incorporate movement strategies into teaching both spelling and vocabulary in the regular education classroom
  • How to discuss goals, accommodations, and modifications for special education Individualized Education Programs (IEP) or 504 plans.

Eliminate stress today by including these adaptive techniques into your classroom and home today!

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ISBN-13: 9781640855717
Publisher: Therapy Services, LLC
Publication date: 03/12/2019
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 484,161
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About the Author

With over 20 years of occupational therapy experience, author and mentor Cheri Dotterer is zealous about the how we learn. Pediatrics has always been her passion and love. Her favorite part of practice is seeing the "light bulb" go on in the mind of parents, teachers, and children. Cheri has made it her mission to help parents and teachers inspire children to transform the children's perspective on learning through easy-to-implement techniques teachers and parents can use to improve motivation in the classroom and at home.

Cheri brings with her years of research and education. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in both Biochemistry and Occupational Therapy and later a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. In addition, she holds a certificate as a Board-Certified Educational Advocate and Neuroscience Coach. Furthermore, she has worked alongside several universities creating unique experiences for OT students and organizations in the practice of occupational therapy through adjunct faculty and guest lecturer positions.

Cheri sees the world from a non-traditional perspective. She has a private practice in Pennsylvania and lives with her husband of 27 years, their two children, and their cat, Snowball. Discovering a method of using motion to improve spelling and vocabulary, Cheri is now a Dysgraphia Consultant and author.

Table of Contents


Reading - Decoding

Writing - Encoding

Decoding Brain Anatomy

Sensory-Motor Responses

Decoding - Visual Pathways

Visual Perception and Memory

Visual-Spatial Dysgraphia

Motor Dysgraphia

Memory Dysgraphia

Word Formation Dysgraphia

Sentence Formation Dysgraphia

Paragraph Formation Dysgraphia

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