The Handy African American History Answer Book

The Handy African American History Answer Book

by Jessie Carney Smith Ph.D.


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Celebrating the impact of African Americans on U.S. society, culture, and history! Traces African American history through four centuries of profound changes and amazing accomplishments.

Walking readers through a rich but often overlooked part of American history, The Handy African American History Answer Book addresses the people, times, and events that influenced and changed African American history. An overview of major biographical figures and history-making events is followed by a deeper look at the development in the arts, entertainment, business, civil rights, music, government, journalism, religion, science, sports, and more. Covering a broad range of the African American experience, showcasing interesting insights and facts, this helpful reference answers 700 commonly-asked questions including ...

  • What is the significance of the Apollo Theater?
  • What were the effects of the Great Depression on black artists?
  • Who were some of America's early free black entrepreneurs?
  • What is the historical role of the barbershop in the African American community? and
  • What was Black Wall Street?
  • What does “40 acres and a mule” mean?
  • What was the Black Arts Movement?
  • Who were the Harlem Hellfighters?
  • Who was the first black saint?
  • Who was called the “Father of Blood Plasma”?
  • What caused African Americans to lose their fidelity to “the Party of Lincoln”?
  • What was the impact of Negro Leagues Baseball on American culture?

    Blending trivia with historical review in an engaging question-and-answer format, The Handy African American History Answer Book is perfect for browsing and is ideal for history buffs, trivia fans, students and teachers and anyone interested in a better and more thorough understanding of the history of black Americans. With many photos and illustrations this fun, fact-filled tome is richly illustrated. Its helpful bibliography and extensive index add to its usefulness.

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    ISBN-13: 9781578594528
    Publisher: Visible Ink Press
    Publication date: 01/01/2014
    Series: The Handy Answer Book Series
    Pages: 432
    Sales rank: 341,757
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    About the Author

    Jessie Carney Smith, Ph.D., is a noted author, biographer, and black studies scholar whose work includes Black Heroes, Black Firsts, and Freedom Facts and Firsts. She is the William and Camille Cosby Professor in the Humanities at Fisk University in Nashville, where she also serves as the university librarian. Among her numerous awards are the 1992 National Women's Book Association Award, the Candace Award for excellence in education, and Sage magazine's Ann J. Cooper Award for her published works on African American women. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Table of Contents

    Timeline xiii

    Foreword xxxv

    Upon America's Shores: Beginning the Black Experience 1

    Our Cultural Strivings (4)

    Business and Economic Development (7)

    Organized for Progress (9)

    A Political Agenda (11)

    Amen, Brother! (13)

    Science and Scientific Creativity (15)

    A Sports Agenda (17)

    Arts and Entertainment 21

    Architecture (21)

    Performing Arts (23)

    Musicals (26)

    Black Dance (28)

    Theater (31)

    A Cultural Revolution (33)

    Radio Shows (34)

    Television (36)

    Film (38)

    Museums (41)

    Visual Arts (41)

    Cartoonists (47)

    Circus (48)

    Festivals (49)

    Business and Commerce 51

    Early Development (51)

    Black-owned Businesses (51)

    Advertising (54)

    Automobile Industry (54)

    Banking (55)

    Consumer Cooperatives (56)

    Corporate America (57)

    Economic Boycots and Protests (59)

    Food and Food Service Industries (61)

    Insurance Companies (64)

    Labor Unions (64)

    Manufacturing (66)

    Publishing (67)

    Women Entrepreneurs (68)

    Real Estate (69)

    Retail (69)

    Stock Exchange (69)

    Transportation (70)

    Civil Rights and Protests 73

    Slavery and Anti-Slavery (73)

    Slave Revolts (78)

    Emancipation (79)

    The Civil Rights Movement (83)

    Race Riots (85)

    African-American Protests of the Post-Civil Rights Movement (95)

    The Post Civil-Rights Era (97)

    Education 99

    Education during Slavery (99)

    College Foundings (104)

    Historically Black Colleges and Universities (104)

    College Integration (116)

    Law Schools (117)

    Other Schools (118)

    School Desegregation (123)

    Funding Higher Education (126)

    College Curricula (130)

    Mainstream Academic Institutions (132)

    Leadership Training (133)

    Journalism 135

    African-American Press (135)

    Newspapers (136)

    Women and the Early Press (141)

    Press Correspondents and Journalists (144)

    Periodicals (148)

    Photojournalism (149)

    Television Newscasters (150)

    Literature 159

    Early African-American Poets (159)

    Early Black American Prose (161)

    Slave Narratives (162)

    Literature of the Harlem Renaissance Era (168)

    Poets and Poetry (174)

    Science Fiction (175)

    Literature of the Civil Rights Movement (176)

    The Black Aesthetic (177)

    The Black Arts Movement (177)

    Variety in African-American Writing (178)

    Award-winning Writers (179)

    African-American Literature in American Culture (181)

    Military 183

    From the American Revolution to the Spanish-American War (183)

    The Military and Jim Crow (199)

    African-American Women in the Military (200)

    Nurses in the Military (203)

    Medical Officers in the Military (204)

    The Military on Black College Campuses (206)

    Dissidents and the War Effort (207)

    Korea and Vietnam (207)

    Music 209

    Music and Slavery (209)

    Ragtime Music (212)

    Blacks in Country Music (213)

    Record Companies (215)

    Big Bands and Bandmasters (216)

    Classical Music (218)

    Gospel Music (219)

    Choirs and Other Orchestras (221)

    Composers (222)

    Racial Segregation and Black Singers (224)

    Urban Blues (224)

    Pop Music (225)

    Soul Music (228)

    Music of the Civil Rights Era (229)

    Jazz Music and Musicians (229)

    Blues (232)

    Hip Hop (235)

    Reggae (236)

    Rhythm and Blues (236)

    Organizations 237

    Organizations and Societal Forces (237)

    Business and Unions (237)

    Civil and Political Rights (239)

    Educational Organizations (248)

    Fraternal, Social Service, and Religious Organizations (251)

    Medical and Dental Associations (254)

    Women's Organizations (256)

    Politics and Government 261

    Early Political Activities (261)

    Politics during the Reconstruction (262)

    Political Parties and Politics (264)

    Law and the Supreme Court (267)

    Law Enforcement (267)

    The U.S. Congress in Modern Times (268)

    State Office Holders (269)

    Federal Government (270)

    Women and the Political Process (276)

    Federal Courts (279)

    U.S. Department of Justice (280)

    Women in the U.S. Senate (281)

    Mayoral Elections (281)

    Religion 283

    African-American Christians in the Colonial Era (283)

    The Founding of the Black Church in America (285)

    Black Preachers and Religious Leaders (287)

    Evangelists and Evagelism (290)

    Racial Segregation and the Black Church (290)

    Music and the Black Church (291)

    Early Religious Leaders and Civil Rights (292)

    The Black Church in the Modern Civil Rights Movement (293)

    Popes, Saints, Archbishops, and Nuns (295)

    Megachurches in the African-American Community (297)

    Black Jews (298)

    Pentecostalism in the Black Community (298)

    Rastafarianism (300)

    Muslims in America (301)

    Gender Equality in the Black Church (301)

    Women and Righteous Discontent (304)

    Toward a Black Theology (308)

    Science, Inventions, Medicine, and Aerospace 311

    Science (311)

    Inventions and Patents (312)

    Black Women Inventors (319)

    Medicine (321)

    Black Women in Medicine (330)

    Aerospace (332)

    Sports 337

    African-American Sports History (337)

    Emergence of the Black Athlete (337)

    Sports in the Time of Slavery (338)

    Horseracing (339)

    Boxing (341)

    Baseball (346)

    Basketball (353)

    Football (357)

    Golf (359)

    Gymnastics (362)

    Tennis (363)

    Track and Field and the Olympics (364)

    Miscellaneous Sports (365)

    Reference 369

    Index 377

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