Handy War Guide for My Company

Handy War Guide for My Company

by Mr Andre Godefroy Lionel Hanguillart


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The first part of Captain Hanguillart's little book "Petit Guide pratique de Guerre pour ma compagnie" has been incorporated in the new manuals of instruction published for the young recruits of the French army by the official military publishing house "Librairie Militaire Berger-Levrault," the editors of the "Annuaire officiel de l'Armée."
Its special value comes from the fact that it was written at the front and is wholly based on the orders which Captain Hanguillart drew up for the instruction of his own company and tested repeatedly through actual experience.
Thus its very omissions are significant.
The text as it stands represents essentials.
Its every paragraph is a unit of tried advice.
It embodies the practical data that has secured results.
It sums up the cautions that have saved lives.
In the second part, Captain Hanguillart has merely reproduced the French Infantry Combat principles long published in the official manual for the instruction of platoon leaders.

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