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Hannibal and His War with Rome

Hannibal and His War with Rome

by Nick Box


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Hannibal Barca, general of the Carthaginian army, strikes terror in the hearts of his Roman foes. Hannibal is determined to march on Italy and attack the people he has pledged to hate. After a victory in Saguntum, an Iberian ally of Rome...

...the legendary general presses onward.

Carthage's strength and growth threaten the Roman reputation and ego, and Rome's pride prevents any peace. It is said, "Saguntum was the flint and Hannibal the rock, but it was Roman-laid tinder that ignited." Yet a Roman consul, Old Scipio, and his son, Young Scipio, nobles of Rome, have little fear of such an enemy. Their army is superior in weaponry and numbers, and they ride out to battle, confident in a victory. Although it seems impossible...
...somehow the shrewd and fearless barbarian general turns the Roman advantage on its head.

A general who can successfully bring an entire army-and a herd of war-elephants-through the bitter cold and harsh conditions of the Alps is an enemy rightly to be feared. With allies like the African king Masinissa and the barbarian princess Frederix, Hannibal is poised for what history will call the Second Punic War. He neither knows nor cares about Old Scipio's message to Carthage...

"Submission or death: those are the choices Rome gives you."

He was undermanned, under-armed, and yet he would play by the rules, even if the Romans he fought would not. How could he ever expect to win? By being that damn good. His tactics would redefine war...

...and his principles would redefine man.

Hannibal brings to life the ancient and epic battle between General Hannibal Barca, one of the greatest generals of all time, and the might of the Roman Empire.

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