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Happier Abroad: Why You Will Have A Better Love and Life Beyond America (International Dating, Foreign Women, Expat Living, Travel)

Happier Abroad: Why You Will Have A Better Love and Life Beyond America (International Dating, Foreign Women, Expat Living, Travel)

by Winston Wu

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Foreword by Ladislav.

"No country has it all. It therefore stands to reason that in order to have it all, living in more than one country is often a necessity."
- Ladislav, Chief Advisor of

Are you tired of or dissatisfied with the following norms in modern America?

* The unattainability, unavailability or lack of women you desire, depriving you of quality female companionship.
* The toxic, hostile and ego-deflating dating scene that is a joke, nightmare and dysfunctional beyond words.
* The social disconnectedness, lack of human connection and constant feeling of insecurity, unworthiness, and loneliness.
* The isolationist "in your own bubble" passionless lifestyle where working and consuming are the only concerns.
* The fake superficial social culture that doesn't allow you to be yourself, denies all the above, and falsely pits the blame on you if you complain.

If so, then this book is for YOU!

The GOOD NEWS is you don’t have to put up with any of it. There are many overseas cultures where all these norms are REVERSED - where authentic passionate people, human connection, and quality available sincere feminine women are the NORM and in abundance! It’s one of the BIGGEST SECRETS, but you won’t hear about it from conventional sources due to its taboo nature.

For a mountain of proof of this, visit

Winston Wu, his friends, advisors and fans at have been sharing their discoveries of a better love and life overseas since 2002. This grand book compiles together their testimonies, observations, experiences and comparisons which serve as a Gospel of hope for the countless frustrated lonely males in North America that there are better options for them abroad in the areas of dating, social connection, self-esteem and freedom.

Single western males will be glad to know that in many overseas countries, there are millions of foreign women who do not despise men and do not hate their femininity - who will treat them better, appreciate them, and are more sincere, natural, sweet, and down to earth. Thus, when dealing with such women, no PUA or "game" is required - one can just be oneself. This is exactly what men prefer in women, and it LIBERATES them from their lifelong insecurity that they've suffered in the American cultural environment.

These are liberating life-changing truths and benefits for single Western males, but are taboo and politically incorrect. So the US media will never tell them about it. It's one of the biggest injustices to men. This book and the Happier Abroad movement helps correct that.

But this isn't just a book about international dating. It elaborates on and provides ample proof of the following key three point comparison made by the Happier Abroad movement:

In America in general:
1. The lifestyle and environment are devoid of human connection.
2. Dating and relationships are a no-win nightmare for many men.
3. The socio-cultural environment makes you insecure and inauthentic.

But in many foreign countries (though not all):
1. Human and social connection flow more freely.
2. Women and relationships are more natural and complementary.
3. You feel more accepted, whole and authentic.

These discoveries are eye-opening, enriching, liberating and life-changing. They will inspire you and show you a freer, more fulfilling existence that will change your life forever! All of this is REAL, credible and easily verifiable. There’s a better love and life for you out there. So if you're ready to take the "red pill" then get this book!

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Publisher: Winston Wu
Publication date: 03/22/2012
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Winston Wu is an Asian American Expat Writer, Traveler and Successful Internet Entrepreneur. Born in Taiwan, he emigrated to America when he was 3 years old and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Mr. Wu is a leading pioneer in the International Dating and Living Movement and is considered the movement’s intellectual champion. He has been featured in various alternative media interviews, and is publicly known as a Freethinker, Champion of Truth, Debunker of BS, Propaganda, Mind Control and Logic Fallacies - a quality extremely rare among Asians. With a high level of awareness and propensity to think outside the box, he has written many Articles and Books with truthful insights, revelations, useful advice, freethought, revolutionary solutions, and politically incorrect but accurate cultural comparisons.

Mr. Wu is Founder of two successful and unique websites that are the first of their kind: Happier Abroad (, a Global Dating and Living website, community and movement with an intellectual focus containing truthful no-holds barred content, and SCEPCOP (, the first coalition to counter and debunk organized PseudoSkeptic groups, and other forms of propaganda. Due to the success of his movements, Mr. Wu generates residual income from his websites, which allows him to make a living while having the freedom to do what he wants and help others. He also aims to become a perpetual traveler and experience the treasures and wonders of the world.

His calling and aspiration is to help liberate and awaken others from fear and enslavement. Wu lives by the philosophy that “new experiences” are what enrich and create meaning and special memories in life - whereas long-term “settled routines” lead to only time passing by without meaningful lasting memories. As such, he advocates that one should not live in a state of fear consciousness (which many societies condition their citizens into in order to keep them weak and obedient), but in a state of conscious awareness, so that one can follow their passions and allow new possibilities to come into their life. In this way, one is free to make smart choices from a state of awareness to live the life one truly wants, rather than conform to others’ expectations.

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