Happy Grey Hair

Happy Grey Hair

by Chris Wilson

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Udo, the village elder, has been raising his grandsons, Eze and Chike, since their father’s early death. When the boys got their hands on their father’s inheritance, they squandered it, and grew pompous and disrespectful of everyone, especially Udo.

As Udo is aging, he is devastated by his grandsons’ lack of respect and caring for anyone. He cannot understand it; his son, their father, was such a good, hardworking man. His hired help, Ngozi, also bears the brunt of the boys’ insults. All she wants to do is help care for Udo, and they belittle her at every turn.

Udo visits his best friend, Uzo, and devises a plan to make his grandsons understand the error of their ways. When Udo puts his plan into play, Eze and Chike respond with deceptions of their own.

Soon, Udo realizes that he must take extreme measures to save Eze and Chike from their own greed and arrogance. What he does next will certainly change the rest of their lives... but will it work?

Retaining long-held traditions in a rapidly developing region like West Africa has become a problem among youth. Naturally they want progress; but at what cost?

After travel and research in six countries across West Africa, the author has developed this play to address the issue from an African perspective.

Incorporating West African traditions and sensibilities into a touching play, Happy Grey Hair carries a message for the youth of the region: remember the tradition of respecting elders. After all, you may be the village elder one day yourself.


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Publisher: leadway group
Publication date: 03/30/2014
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About the Author

Chris Wilson is a member of Leadway Group, a group dedicated to information-gathering and sharing with a taste of pragmatism.

With the help of our team of researchers, professionals and volunteers in various parts of the world, this group has published various books including "Happy Grey Hair", "The Journey of Life" and "The Request for Peace". All these books are packed with real lifestyles and situations faced by real people in different parts of the world.

Chris Wilson and his team of researchers spent 5 years preparing "Happy Grey Hair", which focuses on the lifestyles and people of West Africa, including real situations specific to people on the African continent.

The team of professionals and volunteers that contributed to the success of this book include Queen Sunday, Goodness Sunday, and Goodness Chidi Nwokolo.  The latter is a regular contributor to Press Conference USA and Encounter-VOA programs, plus others in various parts of the world and most especially in Africa.

We at Leadway Group would like to say a very big thank you to all those who made "Happy Grey Hair" a success.  We also want to use this opportunity to appreciate in advance our prospective readers in various parts of the world for your patronage.


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happy grey hair 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite Happy Grey Hair by Chris Wilson is a short play about two lazy young men and their grandfather's effort to teach them about the most important lessons in life; hard work, love, respect and responsibility. The two men are educated and energetic but do not want to work. Instead, they spend all their time just insulting people and being disrespectful to everyone, especially their grandfather. One day, they learn that their grandfather has a lot of money and property so they start looking for the best ways to ensure that when he dies, which they hoped would be very soon, all his riches would go to them. What they do not know, however, is that the old man is onto them and he will outsmart them and teach them a lesson or two. Let the games begin.  Happy Grey Hair by Chris Wilson is a book about the core values of an African society; working hard, respecting elders and being a helpful member of the society. The play is a story about an old man's desperate attempt to help his grandsons see the error of their ways and become better men. The play also shows how money and status, if not in the right hands, can distort the status quo and bring out the worst in people. The book is very informative and educative about the core values that are the foundation of an African society. It is a well written, easy to read and captivating story, and a fun way to learn important life lessons.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite Happy Grey Hair is a play centered in Africa. It features an old man, Udo, and his family and helpers. Udo is looking back, as many of the elderly do in their advanced years, to his younger days and lamenting their loss. He is lonely and unhappy because he believes that his family doesn't care for him or respect him like they should. Then we meet an old woman who is struggling to carry a big bundle. She meets Udo's lazy grandsons and asks for help, but they spurn her and treat her poorly. While the story smacked of generational "In my day, X Y and Z was so much better!!" there was a true moral behind the story. I thought that the grandsons were particularly interesting characters, because they fit the stereotype of "lazy, drunk, African men" exactly. I know this is a stereotype that many Westerners have, and it was good to see that this action is condemned and looked down upon by their culture.  It's clear that Chris Wilson's intentions in writing Happy Grey Hair was to make an attempt to preserve some African traditions. Africa, and the various countries within Africa, have uniquely rich cultures, and it was cool to find a book that celebrates that. Culture includes both artistic ideas like dance, art, etc, as well as the philosophies that have been born in Africa and thrive on in its people until today. In that sense, you can appreciate the story of Udo, despite it being vastly different than any kind of fable or story that I have read. The ideals and philosophies may grate on a Westerner's perspective, but it's my opinion that we need to be exposed to all opinions and ideas in order to better understand our own personal philosophy, and to that end, Happy Grey Hair succeeds. On a personal level, I could relate to the book because I am marrying into a Nigerian family, but even if I weren't I would most definitely find this play to be intriguing and enjoyable.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers' Favorite Happy Grey Hair is a play that involves an old man named Udo and two grandsons named Eze and Chike. These two grandsons were very self-centered. They only thought about themselves and trying to get ahead of others through whatever means necessary. Ngozi, the old man's helper, tried to do what she could to make his life as easy and simple as possible. Unfortunately, there is a lot of family squabbling as there is in many families, but the story isn't written in a far-fetched way; it is realistic. The boys are after the old man's treasure that they believed he has hidden away, but are afraid they won't receive it unless they change their ways. They pretend to change their behavior and work considerably hard at trying to prove to their grandpa they have turned over a new leaf and are worthy of the great treasure he has acquired. Author Chris Wilson takes the reader along a journey showing how respect and honor are important, and how each person is responsible for their own actions and well-being. There are so many parallels between everyday life and what we read here. There is truth and a clear directive found within the story as we read and envision the play in front of us. This would be an exciting screen story to watch and enjoy. I hope to see it soon and watch the words come to life.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite Happy Grey Hair by Chris Wilson is an interesting play about the main characters, Udo, and his grandsons, Eze and Chike. Eze and Chike want to inherit their grandfather's money. They behave badly toward the people around them, including their grandfather. They treat others without respect and they do not listen to anybody. The language they use is also rude and insulting. The story is set in Africa. Ngozi, Uzo, and Hunter lend support to these main characters. The play is interesting and it showcases two young boys who are arrogant, rude, and highhanded. The language used in the play at times borders on insulting. The conversations between Eze and Chike also exposes their greed and lack of respect for their grandfather. Their dislike for him is also obvious from the lines where they mention to Hunter that they wish he had died instead of their father. These lines from Chike's conversation also show his dislike of his grandpa: 'Are our ancestors sleeping? When will they ever call him to the land of the dead? Why is he not dead by now? I want him out of my life, can’t stand it anymore.' The book is a lighthearted play. All the characters have been portrayed well, giving them equal footage in the play. Anyone expecting to gain knowledge about African traditions and art will be disappointed after reading the book. The only connection the story has with Africa is that it has an African background.