Happy TatTtoes

Happy TatTtoes

by Mr. John deGroot


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Happy TatTtoes by Mr. John deGroot

The nineteen sixties spawned much vitalization in many social and personal concepts of liberation. Thus certain movements were "coined" and labeled as freedoms. These "awarenesses" of liberties and freedoms seem rather romantic, as they were then, and, perhaps still are (although taken somewhat for granted now) now. Yes, I am referring to environmental, women's, peace, animal rights and racial movements. And there are others of the sort. This is a post-OJ and post-Clinton world of the next millennium and I am damned-sure that it is time for men to take themselves by the balls and stop letTting themselves be "run".
Happy TatTtoes is a story about a fated woman who consumes herself with her sacred divorces of husbands and she taints herself in a pleasing way with her cross gender relationships that we may call "affairs". Many are her appetites and many are her men and many are her tales and many are her "missings"taken. Dear male reader may please glean the irony of her escapades for insights into a new male liberation of spirit and identity. To put it plainly: relearn just what it is to be a man. Our heroine is Cass; she will teach men what her perspectives of what a man should be are, and the befuddled male reader may pattern himself to be other than what Cass identifies as a man. "Asobeit."
Why was and is there a need for stages or degrees of female liberation? Answer is: because women have lost the knowledge of female identity; they are feminine in male ascribed terms and conditions or qualities or whatever (Springerite) caption available for their sad gender identity lacking, licking and liking that has been put upon them. Once a deficiency has been noticed then a assail or pursuit is travailed; females have been noticing their shortcomings in society and themselves. Some are yet to gain cognizance of shortcomings and few women are devoid (yet some maybe devoid although this writer is yet to endure these flowers) of femininity of the female confidence. Some men are "run" by these liberated "Casses" and these men see themselves as on the "run" by and from these "Casses"; therefore these men are equally in need of male liberation as women are needy to find what it is to be a woman by a woman in the term of their own nature.
Our forthcoming plots are rather Swiftian bastardizations of literary style and presentation. Plato deemed female and male minds to be identical butTt merely trapped in different sacks of illusive flesh. I wonder if he was right, hard to know. Please, dear reader, try not to remain too rigid of interpretation; but at times the truth is self revealing and plain so a multi-layered read will be of no need at those lines; and often it is best to draw your own water from the well of conclusions. Be these surmises (sir-misses) male or that other gender, (or is it another whole species of human?), female. I do allow that each "type" of eyes will be following the following lines.
Awake! Sir John, awake and be a man. An inaccurate reference to Essay on Man by A. Pope previously beginning this paragraph is a call to philosophize. I call for more. Now grab those balls. And be a man.

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Publication date: 12/23/2014
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