Hap's War

Hap's War

by Chester Marshall


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ISBN-13: 9781885353054
Publisher: Global Press
Publication date: 10/01/1998

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Guest More than 1 year ago
All right, right up front, let me say that no veteran of the Pacific War and no one who was deeply moved by it should miss this book! First, Hap, the navigator/bombardier, introduces you to the eleven crew members on his B-29, the Rover Boy, the five that survived the war and the six who didn't. The theme throughout the book is 'completing the circle.'He completes the circle with his crew. He finds where each is buried and what happened to each that survived. After that he completes the circle with the Japanese people and the mission over Tokyo that he didn't finish because he was shot down. He actually finds one of the 'good guards' and a 'good interpreter' that he knew when he was a prisoner. He finds the actual fighter pilot who shot him down. Two honorable warriors on opposite sides meeting after the war is always poignant. We, at kilroywashere.org appreciate that he only included the honorable ones. In fact, he says: '. . . I felt at ease being with the families and children and grandchildren of our former enemy. I do not feel that my feelings would be the same had some former despicable guards (Horseface, Watanabe, and several others) appeared in my range of vision.' He also does not succumb to the revisionists who claim we were wrong to drop the atomic bomb. He quotes an actual document from the National Archives that proves that the Japanese planned to kill all prisoners. 'Had an invasion (of Japan) taken place, every Allied POW of the Japanese would have been killed immediately. We knew that and sweated out each day. The atomic bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved our lives.' A great book! Don't miss it.