Harder Working Money: How to Use Forward Thinking Retirement Planning to Create Rushing Rivers of Passive Income

Harder Working Money: How to Use Forward Thinking Retirement Planning to Create Rushing Rivers of Passive Income

by Jay Leigeber


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95% of retirement plans are broken-3 things you need to know to fix yours.

Less than 5% of Baby Boomers nearing retirement are positioned to fund the lifestyle they desire throughout the remainder of their lives...yet financial freedom is within most people's grasp. Many realize they are not on plan and are fearful they will outlive their retirement savings. If you are in this situation I have a positive message to share. This book advocates a very different approach to funding retirement focused on passive income streams rather than equity accumulation. When you choose to get off the Wall Street roller coaster, your plan can be capitalized in 5-10 years rather than 30-40 that the slow compounding approach requires.

The purpose of this book is threefold:

  1. Tocomprehend the benefits of recurring streams of passive income, which fund lifestyle expenses, rather than striving to accumulate a large account balance for retirement. A portfolio of recurring cash flow assets can fully fund your retirement in less than one-third of the time!

  2. To discover thepower of privately structured investments. You too can participate in advantaged opportunities with greater returns, while at the same time reducing risks, paying lower taxes and fewer fees. Efficiency matters greatly in attaining true prosperity.

  3. To clarifyhow little-known but powerful financial strategies enable you to maximize the efficiency of the money that flows through your life. It's not what you make but what you keep and how fast it grows that really matters.

In my experience, these three strategies support people being able to live the lifestyle they desire in the near term, as well as safely funding retirement to maintain that lifestyle as long as they live. Harder Working Money allows stress free living.

There is no single perfect investment vehicle or plan that is ideal for everyone, and this book does not promote any single solution. Your best plan must correspond to your personal situation, personality traits and goals. However, once you clearly identify the benefits you are seeking and align the right array of financial vehicles, accomplishing your plan can be much easier, quicker and more certain. This book is about understanding new options that may free you from the bondage of sub-optimal, constrained choices.

My definition of financial freedom is all about having the time and resources to enjoy life on your own terms. This does not need to be about accumulating a lot of material things or a huge bank account. Rather, true freedom is enabling the choice of whatever you desire without undue limitation by the cost...because your family is able to afford the choices that bring them true joy.

This book is as much about new questions to ask as it is about answers. I believe the quality of questions you ask and the precision of the answers you generate over time will determine your success in achieving prosperity. My attempt is to help you reframe your perspective on achieving financial freedom, so you can develop a personalized plan, and the next decade can be an experience of purposeful growth toward specific ends, rather than floundering in a confusing context.

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/24/2015
Pages: 210
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About the Author

Jay Leigeber is an entrepreneur helping people prosper financially, directing "anxious money" to more lucrative private investment opportunities yielding specific purpose. Following a 30 year corporate marketing career, Jay decided to pursue his passions of sharing insights and opportunities with committed people desiring to take personal control of their financial destiny.
Jay has been married to his wife, Gale, for almost 40 years. They live in the greater Philadelphia area. Jay received an MBA from Indiana University and led marketing efforts and departments for many of the food brands you may be familiar with. Today, Jay has transitioned into the world of creative finance in real estate. He is a private lender, owns rental properties and also does fix and flip projects.
You can discover more about Jay's current projects and insights by going to www.HarderWorkingMoney.com If you would like to connect call 214-682-0164 or email Jay@HarderWorkingMoney.com

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