Hardest Hits [Box]

Hardest Hits [Box]

CD(Canadian Import)

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Not to be confused with any of the five single-disc volumes that made of SPG's original Hardest Hits series, this is a three-disc box from the same label and recycles roughly 60 percent of the same series. Regardless, it's a cheap way to obtain over 40 songs from the '80s, most of which were released during the decade's earliest (new wave) years. Not everything was a hit, a fact that makes the box more intriguing for open-minded listeners who don't recognize all of the track titles. Highlights include Japan's "Life in Tokyo," Thomas Leer's "International," the Nails' "88 Lines About 44 Women," the Chameleons UK's "Swamp Thing," Duran Duran's "Planet Earth," and Vicious Pink's "Cccan't You See."

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Release Date: 06/24/2003
Label: Imports
UPC: 0773848000623
catalogNumber: 1238460
Rank: 89077


Disc 1

  1. Story of Love
  2. Swamp Thing
  3. The First Picture of You
  4. You Move Me (One Good Reason)
  5. Love Is Shining Down on Me
  6. Feels Like Heaven
  7. Goodbye Yesterday
  8. Heartbeat Like Thunder
  9. Dance With Me
  10. Tokyo Streets
  11. Baby Judy
  12. Cccan't You See
  13. New York
  14. Transdance

Disc 2

  1. Never, Never
  2. San Damiano (Heart and Soul)
  3. Money
  4. Take Me Now
  5. 88 Lines About 44 Women
  6. Escalator of Life
  7. You Don't Need Someone New
  8. Everywhere I Go
  9. Brilliant Mind
  10. Life in Tokyo
  11. Planet Earth
  12. Into the Fire
  13. Let Me Go

Disc 3

  1. First, Last for Everything
  2. Whistle Down the Wind
  3. Melody
  4. Working With Fire & Steel
  5. Baby's in the Mountain's
  6. Day One
  7. Pleasure Boys
  8. Only You
  9. Doot-Doot
  10. Love Missile F1-11
  11. Simon Says
  12. International
  13. Jet Town
  14. Jet Boy, Jet Girl

Disc 4

  1. [Untitled Track]
  2. [Untitled Track]
  3. [Untitled Track]
  4. [Untitled Track]
  5. [Untitled Track]
  6. [Untitled Track]
  7. [Untitled Track]
  8. [Untitled Track]
  9. [Untitled Track]
  10. [Untitled Track]
  11. [Untitled Track]
  12. [Untitled Track]
  13. [Untitled Track]

Album Credits

Technical Credits

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Lords of the New Church   Producer
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Thomas Leer   Composer
Elton Motello   Producer
Tom Newman   Producer
Andy Taylor   Composer
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