Hardly Working

Hardly Working

by Betsy Burke

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Dinah Nichols, PR chick for Green World International, knows how to spin a story. She has to, otherwise how else would rescuing loons get the media attention it deserves? But a visit from Higher Management guru Ian Trutch means she'll have to put some spin on the "fabulous work" she and the staff have been doing. Sure, her latest hobby of haranguing a cocky colleague is worthwhile, but it isn't part of GWI's mission statement or anything. So, how to convince the higher-ups she and the others are working hard for their higher purpose? Hmm. Dating Trutch seemed the obvious move, but now she's not so sure he is what he says he is, and the office is turned upside down as acts of local ecoterrorism are suddenly on the rise, and Dinah's famed mother—a bona fide well-known Jacques Cousteau type—makes an unforgettable appearance, putting Dinah's entire career in jeopardy.

Will Dinah navigate her eclectic crew to safety, or will they have to swim for it?

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ISBN-13: 9781459246096
Publisher: Red Dress Ink
Publication date: 06/15/2012
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 345 KB

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Hardly Working 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Although the PR work Dinah Nichols does for the enviromental foundation that employs her is valuable, it tends to be less than personally rewarding, largely due to her co-workers. The chance to date one of the big shots in the company seems to serve a higher purpose for a while, but Ian might not be what he appears to be. In fact, virtually everyone in the office has hidden depths to them that Dinah is on the road to discovering. Her mother might be a Jacques Cousteau wannabe, but Dinah's is plunging into the sea of life, and finding that the guppies have teeth that are just as big as the ones the sharks have. Amid her own turmoil, life is made more dangerous by ecoterrorism and bad romance. .......................... Somewhere in all this might be a sound message, but it gets lost in the mix. Dinah's personality is shallow as a mud puddle, yet she is the heroine. Penelope would be a more intriguing character to explore, yet for the majority of the book, she's not the villain, but somewhat of an adversary. Whatever there is that is good can be found in larger quantities in other books.
harstan More than 1 year ago
The workers at the Vancouver office of Green World International are concerned with the front office sending hatchet man Ian ¿Mr. Darkside¿ Trutch to shake up the place in his last site in Ottawa, several empty desks appeared over night. Thirty year old public relations specialist Dinah Nichols finds herself fascinated with Ian and soon they sleep together. However, she and others become concerned with a water deal that Ian is working that seems ethically wrong. Meanwhile Dinah, who is seeing a psychologist over a need to know the identity of who sired her, decides to search for her dad although her mother offers no help. Dinah is also attracted to her neighbor, Jon who she believes is gay even though they slept together once as he is always frequenting gay bars with and hugging his sometime roommate Kevin. Finally when the water deal seems a sure thing that will hurt people, Dinah and the ¿Eco-girls¿ form to warn the public through small ¿ecoterrorist¿ acts. --- The environmental issue adds a serious tone to what otherwise is a lighthearted romantic romp. The story line moves on three plot lines with the impact on the staff by the downsizing vulture Trutch and the water deal converging while the third is more a parallel chick lit subplot focusing on the relationship between Dinah and Jon. Dinah matures during the tale as she learns some things are worth risking security for as she goes from HARDLY WORKING to a fully deployed person. --- Harriet Klausner