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Harmony of the Good News

Harmony of the Good News

by Walter R. Dolen (Translator)


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This is a Harmony of the four Gospels. Instead of using the common name for the Messiah, Jesus Christ, we have used his Hebrew name -- Yehoshua Masiah. To make it easier to learn about Yehoshua life on earth, we have put together a Harmony of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). That is, we have put the scriptures pertaining to Yehoshua life on earth in chronological order. The four gospels were written by four different people, who wrote down in general chronological order their report of Yehoshua's life that they witnessed. Each of them left out some information from their rendition. Yet by comparing all four gospels, and using the general order of these works, we can see what happened. The middle section of this work includes mostly the various parables of Yehoshua. Like teachers today, Yehoshua repeated his teachings almost everywhere he went, and he may not have repeated these sayings exactly the same each time. So we need not put much weight on the fact that each gospel writer often did not quote Yehoshua exactly the same as the others. By simply putting all the scriptures together we can get the complete message that Yehoshua intended. There is some chronological vagueness in the scripture. But we believe that this work is very close to the correct order of events. We do believe that the last part of this work may be the actual order of events that occurred because it clearly shows that Yehoshua was buried for three days and three nights without contradictions, and all four gospels are in sequential order, except that each writer left out some aspects of the full story. When we put all of the four stories together, the story is harmonized and in agreement with Yehoshua 's predictions in the Old Testament.This harmony of the gospels uses a version of the BeComingOne Bible translation, a work of Walter R. Dolen.

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