Harry: Popstar Prince

Harry: Popstar Prince

by Jessica Long


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Prince Harry was a boy everyone took to their hearts on that fateful day when he followed his mother's coffin through the streets of London. He has been gathering column inches ever since.

Soldier, wild child, party prince, spare to the British throne. These are all names that have been thrown at this cheeky, mischievous, and fun-loving British royalty member over the years.

He's the grandson of the current monarch of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth; son of the future king, Prince Charles; brother to another future king, Prince William; and uncle to yet another future king, Prince George. Furthermore, he's the son of the late Princess Diana, the most photographed woman of her time, and brother-in-law of the future Queen, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cornwall.

His family line is a roll-call of the major British royalty figures of the 20th and 21st centuries and living as he does at the heart of the Royal Family, you would expect him to have the world at his feet.

But does he?

In HARRY: Popstar Prince we take a look at the person behind the public facade to find out what he does and how he balances his historical family responsibilities with the passions that drive him.

In HARRY: Popstar Prince, you will learn:

  • What Harry's been up to
  • If he has finally grown up
  • How he has managed to endear himself to a public who seem willing to forgive him his every folly
  • What makes Harry tick
  • How he relates to his family
  • The legacy of his mother's death
  • Who his girlfriends are
  • What we can expect from this enigmatic member of the Royal Family in the years to come

  • All this put down in a rapid-reading format so that you can absorb it super-quick. This isn't your average royal biography.

    Grab your copy of HARRY: Popstar Prince Right Away!

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