Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

by G. L. Davies


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ISBN-13: 9781785358432
Publisher: 6Th Books
Publication date: 12/01/2018
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 477,036
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About the Author

Born in 1975, G.L. Davies lives in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and is the author of A Most Haunted House and Ghost Sex: The Violation. He is the creator of theparanormalchronicles.com and his reports and investigations into the paranormal and the unexplained have made national and international news. He is also the founder of the webcast The Paranormal Chronicles Network, on YouTube, presenting shows with Dave Dominguez on a number of paranormal subjects.

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The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

HP Lovecraft

Dai and Anne first supplied me with the evidence I requested to prove they had once lived in that incomprehensible house so that I knew I was not dealing with hoaxers. Verification confirmed that they had lived there from late 1989 to early 1991, 15 months in total.

Both had been born in Pembrokeshire in the early to mid-1960s, with Dai being three years older than Anne. They married in 1987. In 1989, the time the account begins, Dai worked as a driver for a large local company and Anne was a barmaid for a local Haverfordwest pub. Neither, at the time this account is set, had children, but did so in later years.

These were friendly and very down-to-earth people. Dai, a hard-working Pembrokeshire man, enjoys time with his family and working on his cars; while Anne was open, genuine and her love of her family evident in the pictures of them which adorned every available space on the walls of the house. They both have worked hard all their lives, and breaks abroad each year with their tribe is what they strive towards. While interviewing alone and as a couple, they never contradicted their story nor tried to over sensationalise. As with most genuine witnesses, there is also an initial slight apprehension when they tell their story to a stranger, for they feel that the experience of what they perceive to be real will be discredited and derided. This is part of the preliminary feeling-out process, but soon the three of us grew comfortable and trusting in each other's company. Apart from that unease during early interview sessions, their body language, micro expressions and verbal use of language never hinted at falsely presented evidence in their testimonial or that they were holding back crucial information. I am confident that their testimonial is as accurate and detailed as can be nearly thirty years on.

As for the motives for their recounting, they wish to find closure, they wish to share and they wish to find answers. They refused any monetary reward or compensation for their time. Proceeds from this book will be placed in a fund in the hope that one day the house could be purchased for scientific evaluation and investigation. This is their experience, in their own words, of what they believe happened in that house in Haverfordwest.

Anne: I would say that I did believe in the paranormal before living at the house. Pretty much everyone I knew had a story or knew of someone that had experienced something. My nan used to tell us stories about the Waterston Lady, a ghost that prowled the road just outside of Neyland, and of a house she lived in where the ghost would stroke her hair in the night or could be heard crying in the dining room. I heard about the spirit of a boy dressed as a sailor at a well-known pub which was also in Neyland. You know ghost stories from other people. I could probably tell you a hundred stories.

I have gone to psychic mediums with the girls, and half of me think they are making it up and other times they have had direct messages for my friends, and it leaves them in tears, things that they could not have known. One of my friends, in fact, was a huge believer in it and she introduced us to someone who came to the house at the time to help stop it. It seems that there is so much of it going on that there has to be something to it. I can't remember anything vivid before moving into the house and nothing since, just the odd nightmare that I am still living there. Nightmares were a huge part of what happened and I still have them. My daughter is certain her and her friends saw the Black Nun of Llangrannog, but I think everyone that has stayed there has claimed to see her; the Black Nun is more of an urban myth to scare the kids, I think.

Dai: Never really believed before Haverfordwest. Living in Pembrokeshire you can see some strange things in the sky with the military bases and all. I remember the late seventies, hearing and reading about all the UFO sightings but I never saw anything. The only thing I can remember was my mother telling me about how a lady that ran the chip shop had used to live in our house where I grew up in before we did and after the old lady died peculiar things happened in our house when we were young. Nothing bad, just windows opening, the smell of cleaning, the smell of beeswax, old-fashioned. Our clothes would be folded up overnight. Mum swore when she was in bed one night that she heard the crockery in the sink as if someone was washing up. Just nice things really. Like the old lady was helping Mum as it was just her on her own raising us kids. I can't remember anything from that time, and soon as me and my sisters were old enough it all stopped. Actually, I think it stopped the time Mum met my stepdad, so I would have been around four or five. Yeah, it's like as soon as Mum had support the old lady's ghost moved on. My sisters don't remember anything either, but Mum swore it happened. If it was real then fair enough as it was a helpful and a good presence, nothing at all like what happened in Haverfordwest.

Anne: About a year ago I was in work and the girls there were talking about this book about a haunted house in Haverfordwest. It had become quite the game of people guessing and so many were convinced they knew where it was, but deep down I knew it had to be the house we lived in. I would say our old house but it never felt like our house, so I just call it "the house". I found the book and within a few pages of reading knew it was the same place.

Dai: Anne had gotten this book and she would read parts out to me and I knew it was the house we lived in Haverfordwest. I knew what happened in that book was true because it happened to us. We had never told anyone in detail about it. Our family and close friends thought we sold the house and moved on because it nearly split us up, and we had decided on a fresh start. That is true, but obviously there was more to it than that.

Anne: There was so much that happened to us, but at the same time very different from the book. Maybe it was because we were there longer, I don't know. Maybe different people see and experience different things.

Dai: When Anne read to me the description of the house there was no doubt about it. The only thing different was that the attic conversion was not there when we were. It was just a small room back then. Not made of wood but stone like the rest of the house.

Anne: When we bought the house, the layout was the same as described in the book. You would enter through the front door on to a very small porch, which had a door that would lead straight into the living room. There was one window on the right that looked into the street and a big red brick fireplace in front of you. The room was separated by a stone arch that led to a dining area. On the far wall of the dining room was the door to the bathroom and the kitchen which led to the garden. On the left of the dining room was the stairs which led to a small landing. On the landing in front of you was a small bedroom that overlooked the street, and then to the left a master bedroom, and behind and to the left another small room which had no window at all.

Dai: It was a good-sized house for the two of us starting out. It had been well kept and needed little work inside. The garden, however, was a jungle. There was no decking then, just a small strip of grass, stone wall and steps then led to the main stretch of the garden or what would become the lawn. The grass back there was like a field. It was waist high in bits with brambles everywhere. I had never seen so many brambles in my life, thick and sharp like barbed wire.

Anne: We had decided we were going to buy, house prices were going up and up, and we both felt that we were going nowhere paying rent. Dai's job was very well paid and I was full time at a pub in Haverfordwest, and I had a bit of money left to me after my grandmother died. We were not from Haverfordwest originally, from south of the county, but we both worked there and we began looking for a property to buy.

Dai: Anne saw it advertised in the Western Telegraph and it was affordable within our budget. Her friend from Milford had gone out with a lad whose dad lived there and said it was a nice enough house, but had only been there a few times as the boyfriend worked away mainly and only came home to check on his dad who was ill. You know, 'on his way out' ill.

Anne: I saw it in the paper and I mentioned it to my friend and she said it seemed nice enough. The man who lived there, her ex-boyfriend's dad, had died earlier in the year and the house was up for sale.

Dai: We viewed it several times and I liked it, typical terraced Haverfordwest house that you drive by a hundred times and never notice. Small looking from the front but stretched way back. The house was built in the late 1890s and used to be a large family house that was made into two smaller houses in the 50s. After all the awful stuff happened there and we left, I went through the deeds and parish records and there was nothing unusual other than a lot of people had lived there. Apart from the old man before us, no one had died there since the 1950s and little was known about whom it was that died there. You ask if I had any strange feelings on first entering the house when viewing it but none at all. I had no reason to at that time.

Anne: We put in an offer and snapped it up quickly. We had the keys on 6th November 1989. I was so happy. Dai and I had been seeing each other for seven years, married for over two and to finally buy a house together and then have kids. I did not feel anything strange at all when we first started looking at the house and when we got the keys. Was just a bit stuffy and needed a good clear out and paint.

Dai: I was happy. It was closer to work for both of us and it was a solid house. Solid as in – hardly any work needed doing, it was safe, and someone had looked after the place for the old man when he was there. As I said the garden needed work and the upstairs spare room was a strange one which I planned to put a skylight into but we just used it as storage. At the time, I just thought it must have been used as an attic storage space.

Anne: We had a paint party with some of our friends and spruced the place up. The original colour was very drab, very old-fashioned and old wallpaper up to the stairs and landing which we pulled down and painted instead. We stayed at Dai's mum's while we were painting and decorating and sorting out the odd little jobs. We had little to move in as it was mainly gifted from our family. Nice stuff from our elderly relatives, new sofa from Dai's mum and dad, and we picked up the little things as we went along. No online shopping back then. If you wanted something you had to find it and either hope they delivered or you borrowed a van.

Dai: We had the keys 6th November and I think we officially moved in on 18th November, which was a Saturday if I'm correct. It was definitely a Saturday morning as I was off from work and I remember borrowing my brother's strimmer, shears and saw to attack the garden. We had not rented our TV, yet, it seems strange saying that we would rent a TV so no Grandstand [Saturday sports program] for me to watch so I was motivated to tackle the garden.

Anne: I was running a shift that Saturday and I got home around four just before it started getting dark. I will never forget the look on Dai's face when I got home.

Dai: I had been strimming most of the day. It was a fresh, sunny winter's day, but that time of year daylight is against you so I strimmed the small lawn at the front of the garden and started to chop down the brambles, and gathered everything to the left of the garden. It was a long garden with two oak trees at the end in each corner and behind a tall brick wall of around ten feet. And behind that again, a disused lane that was filled with brambles and bushes. And behind that another tall wall that fenced off a field that was overgrown with the odd roof or frame from sheds poking through. I think that back area had once been an allotment back in the day. I had big plans for the garden. I like pottering around outside, keeping busy, and I planned to put a shed at the bottom which I would use as a workshop. I like tinkering and fixing things. When I cleared all the way to the back of the garden I came across the remains of an old structure. I assumed it to be a shed. There were bits of rotten wood and broken glass all at the back. I thought, I'm here now, quick Rollie, and let's get this cleared. I was planning a bonfire the following day so I would burn the wood too. I got picking up the wood and getting the glass in the wheelbarrow when I noticed at first something I thought was lots of seashells. I bent down and looked and it was lots of little bones, fragments. I wasn't worried as I thought maybe it had been an outhouse for chickens from back in the day. I grabbed my trowel and began scraping at the top soil, and what I found shocked me that I actually took a few steps back.

Anne: Dai is a typical man. He had a plan, just gets on with it. When I got home I couldn't believe how much he had cleared. It was wonderful as it gave me an idea of what potential we had out there. I had plans of a pond and a bench, flowerbeds and maybe a patio. Dai was just stood there staring at the ground. I called over to him a few times to say how busy he had been and if he wanted a cuppa, but he just stood there. I walked over to him and I touched his arm, and I startled him and he gave out an awful yell. He even cursed. I had never seen him look so on edge. I looked down and I gave a little gasp, it was awful.

Dai: As I had been scraping the top soil I kept uncovering more and more bones, not chicken bones at all. I don't know how many cat and dog skulls I unearthed. I don't mean one or two either – I mean dozens. The more I scraped and dug the more I found. Dozens of remains of cats and dogs. I thought maybe I had dug up an old pet cemetery, but all the skulls had been placed together. I had no idea why someone would do this. It was not the ideal thing to discover on your first day in your new home. It really spooked me but compared to what was to come this was nothing.



Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures.

Dalai Lama

The garden, to me, represented the terror that was lurking inside the house. Untameable and relentless, brambles clawing and suffocating, its cruel canes throttling, ripping anything that dared take root near its domain. Dai's need to harness the garden to his and Anne's design would be a constant battle as nature would claim back any inch not enslaved to man's sovereignty, much like the entity would inside the house. The entity would seep and soak into everything, the walls and the furniture, food would spoil and clothes rot as it made its eventual slithering deep into our souls to feed. It would spread like a putrid and unfeeling virus, its acidic poison corroding veins and organs like the plagues of old.

Dai's macabre discovery was a grotesque example of unbelievable cruelty. Had someone killed these animals? Had they been family pets or strays, and why had their heads been collected and placed together? My affection for animals juxtaposed with flashes in my mind of their suffering caused me to become queasy as they told me of that first cold day in November. I visualised Dai stood hunched staring down as the winter sun dipped behind the house, his breath cold in the air, his shadow long as he tried to make sense of the grizzly find beneath him.

I asked if they had taken any pictures; but unlike today where we can take a high-resolution picture or video on our mobile phones, they would have had to use a camera which they confirmed they did not have at that time. Pictures of animal remains would not prove the inexplicable events that would take place inside but I contained an unnatural desire to see the excavation. Was it part of a ritual, a sacrifice perhaps with someone working to appease or attract the malevolence that prowled inside the house? Or was it just some sadistic coincidence?

Dai: Looking back maybe I should have called the police but the bones were decades old. At least it wasn't some old Native American burial ground. I think if the remains had been recent with bits of fur or flesh on them maybe I would have called them but it was an old burial site that had been there for who knows how long. Anne was really upset as there were over 25 skulls so I told her that a pet cemetery had probably been exhumed and all the bodies placed here out of the way, and then a shed had been built on top of it and it had just become forgotten. As shocking as it was I didn't think there was a need to become hysterical.

Anne: It was horrible but Dai said it was just an old pet cemetery and nothing to worry about, even though he looked pale after he dug it up. I remember him shovelling the bones into a builder's rubble bag and it just got tipped at the landfill. Things that happened back there later I would certainly say were linked to the grave as well as some of the visions and nightmares I had, but I will get to that in a bit.


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Table of Contents

Introduction, 1,
Dwelling, 13,
Creation, 21,
Occupation, 30,
Another, 45,
Voices, 55,
Touched, 64,
Defiance, 78,
Congregation, 99,
Reflection, 115,
Coupling, 125,
A most haunted house, 127,
Summary of Possible Explanations, 188,
An Interview with GL Davies, 224,

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Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
3900980 15 days ago
Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest by G.L. Davies in not for the faint of heart! Which I clearly am! This book is a true horror story where things REALLY did go bump in the night. Haunted is the prequel to author G.L. Davies' own experiences in a house in Haverfordwest, Wales in which he stayed and almost died in. His first book A Most Haunted House came out in 2013 and was an e-book bestseller which chronicles his paranormal experiences, depression and drinking problem while living there. After his book began to get noticed, a couple contacted him and said they had bought and lived in the same house back in 1989 and had similar experiences which nearly broke them up. After getting approval from the current owner of the house who does not actually live there, but rents it out, and under condition that the house and street would never be divulged, Davies confirmed the information of the couple only known as Dai and Anne, and their ownership of the house in the '80's. This is their story. There experiences in the house range from a bathroom which was so cold you could see your breath, to noises coming from different rooms which would leave one to believe there were other people in the house. There is a tall shadow figure who seems to border on demonic who they call "The Angry Man". Their radio and TV become filled with static for no reason and voices seem to be heard when the radio has this static. There are also visions Anne has of people who they believe to have lived in the house centuries prior and are trapped there. I don't want to give away anymore than I feel I should as I believe the reader should experience what the couple does first hand. This story gave me chills while reading it and chills as I thought about it as I walked my own house at night. Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is just plain creepy! You have been forewarned!