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Have This Mind: following the example of Christ

Have This Mind: following the example of Christ

by David T Williams


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"This is an impressive in-depth study of the concept of kenosis and its relation to Christian Theology. That concept ('self-emptying') is central to a deep ethically-related approach to understanding foundational religious themes, so this volume is a very welcome contribution to the understanding of theology."-George Ellis, professor of Mathematics, University of Cape Town.

"Through a deep and sound exegesis of the passage, the writer takes the reader through several aspects of our daily life that has to be affected by the kenosis. Seen through the lens of kenosis, human rights, ethics, ministry towards the poor and all the social struggles of our time are brought to light and given a new and constructive dimension."-Dr. Lubunga w'Ehusha, Evangelical Seminary of Southern Africa.

"I would agree wholeheartedly with you when you point out that His kenosis should be the model and the motivation for Christian ethics. The importance of this practical result of the kenosis can hardly be over-emphasized, especially in 'Christian' South Africa."-Professor emeritus Deon Thom.

" . well informed, broadly based, strongly argued, responsible in terms of conclusions-an overall laudable piece of research. I highly appreciate both the exegetical and the systematic aspects of the presentation. You have a definite ability to draw lines together into an overall view. That is Systematic Theology at its best."-Professor Adrio Kőnig, formerly head of Systematic Theology at the University of South Africa.

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Publication date: 08/30/2007
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