Hawaiian Rebirth: Questions, Stories, and Strategies to Guide You to Your Life's Purpose

Hawaiian Rebirth: Questions, Stories, and Strategies to Guide You to Your Life's Purpose


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Hawaiian Rebirth leads readers on a marvelous journey of spiritual and professional self-discovery. The book begins in Hawaii with Yves’ own journey of transformation, followed by his miraculous story of healing and rebirth. This book—a complete road map that guides you to discovering your gifts, finding your life’s purpose, and fulfilling your destiny—is interwoven within fascinating stories from the author’s worldwide adventures.

While each of us has the same goal of finding our life’s purpose and ultimately fulfilling our destiny, we’re all headed to different places. Hawaiian Rebirth helps you commit to moving in the direction of your desires, and despite challenges and obstacles, new paths are revealed to you. When you don’t give up on your hopes and dreams, miracles happen! The questions, stories and strategies outlined in this book will help you to find your purpose and realize any goal you dream of achieving.

Part 1 of this book is focused on helping you learn to ask questions that will help you live your dreams and find your own answers. Part 2 provides you with tools, techniques, and concrete steps to help you, efficiently and effectively, implement any changes needed in your life. In Part 3 you’ll find inspiring stories about people—and even animals—who are living, or have lived, their true life’s purpose. In Part 4, the author provides three bonus exercises to help you start taking action towards making your own vision a reality—right now.

Through the questions, steps and strategies shared in Hawaiian Rebirth , Yves establishes a system that can help you attract people, places, and things that are in alignment with your purpose. Yves shares unique practices that can help you fine tune your perceptions, achieve a clearer understanding of yourself, and find others who have visions or purposes that are resonate with yours. Together, you and those you attract, can create something far more powerful and valuable than anything you could create alone.

Reading this book will help you clarify your passions, deepen your understanding of why you were born, unfold into your true self, and fulfill your destiny. All the questions, tools, techniques, and steps Yves shares are simple and easy to follow. By implementing Yves’ system, even when you are buffeted by the storms of life, you can stick to your purpose and grow your talents with perseverance, flexibility, and openness.

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ISBN-13: 9781946697936
Publisher: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press
Publication date: 10/02/2018
Pages: 328
Sales rank: 1,152,074
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About the Author

Yves Nager is the author of Hawaiian Rebirth: Questions, Stories and Strategies to Guide You to Your Life’s Purpose and a co-author of the Amazon bestseller, Inspired by the Passion Test. He also contributed a chapter to the book Ilahinoor – Awakening the Divine Human by Kiara Windrider. Yves is a gifted healing facilitator for both people and animals, a certified life coach and, a Yoga Nidra teacher. Yves is passionate about supporting people in transcending their limitations, creating new possibilities, and transforming their challenges into freedom.

Chris Attwood, co-author of the New York Times bestseller The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose and Your Hidden Riches – Unleashing the Power of Rituals to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose

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