Hawking Radiation 4

Hawking Radiation 4

by Roman Andie


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A conscious body-sense feel of empathy (cf. negentropic entanglement) has very different geometric connotation from visual sensing. I, as an informant of this 'thusly' conscious experience, can best describe this as infinitely(?) dense point at heart chackra, where conscious sensations of "good feel" and "bad feel" locally alternate in various mixtures and intensities, surrounded with field-like extentions, for which the best mathematical analogy so far has been some kind of Dehn-ball. The 'ball' aspect sensing happens in 3-D and/or 4-D, and the ball-like field consists of n-dimensional dimension lines (cf. "worm holes") allowing heart-local "non-local" empathy of good feel / bad feel entanglements also with other sentient beings and conscious informants.

According to most functional ethical theory and practice I'm aware or, the 'good feel' is the norm (universe=god=love) and the 'bad feels' are exceptions to the rule arising from breaking of strong entanglements aka "attachments", such as actual loss of a love, or fear and worry of loss projected to some other space time sheet than 'now'. Informant expressions such as "heart-broken" and "without him/her/it", there's an empty space within me", etc. gain very literal spatio-temporal interpretations. On the other hand, according to critical-ethical theory of global-local, the Universal Source of 'good feel' is already and always inside each heart and each and every point in space-time, and can be also consciously sensed-experienced when filters that cover it are removed.

One further comment, I associate intending with 'focus', and as the word in-tention suggests, the movement has more pointed character than that of planar mapping. If needs that give rise to intentions arise adelically, the most self-suggestive geometry of intentional targeting to fulfill the adelically metabolic need would be ideles. Or just 'id-gesture', as the Latin version of Freud goes. Note that when walking, the intention to not stumble and fall, and when stumbling, step dancing faster than conscious thought, is very carefully focused on the point of balance. :)

At 6:35 AM, Matpitka@luukku.com said...
To Anonymous:

I have been very critical about string models. But I must admit that they have caught something very profound about the structure of existence. String world sheets and partonic 2-surface could be seen as maximal cognitive representations that one can have. One can of course have a lot of them.

One extremely nice feature is that conformal invariance implies the reduction of WCW for string world sheets and partonic 2-surfaces to the confromal moduli space for them. They are finite-dimensional and I have already applied these spaces in p-adic mass calculations.

Too many independent arguments lead to these objects so that I can only accept them. Strong form of holography, well-definedness of em charge, octonionic spinor structure making possible 8-D twistorilization, and commutativity of tangent spaces of objects in the intersection of reality and p-adicities, non-existence of p-adic variants of quaterions and octonions, fermions as correlates of Boolean cognition and the arguments forcing the to string world sheets, and so on....

The Book analogy is at work again. String world sheets define the back of the book with space-time surfaces in various p-adic number fields as pages.

It is surprising that the notion of negentropic entanglement allows also to seriously discuss about the quantum correlates of ethics and moral rules. In standard physics one has only events. NMP makes it possible to talk about deeds.

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