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From acclaimed and multi award-winning Chef David Hawksworth comes a stunning collection of the exquisite recipes that brought him to the top of Canada's culinary world.

As a leader in contemporary Canadian cuisine, Chef Hawksworth's restaurants, Hawksworth and Nightingale, have been fixtures of Vancouver's dining scene for the past 10 years, aweing diners with the intricate, beautiful and refined dishes that have become synonymous with his name. In this book, he shares for the first time the artfully developed recipes that have brought him unparalelled success over the years, and challenges readers to recreate these dishes for an unforgettable dining experience.

Hawksworth is a celebration of Chef Hawksworth's career to date, with recipes ranging from his time training in London with Michelin-starred chefs, to Ouest, the first restaurant where he served as head chef, to opening his own fine dining restaurant. The book's simpler and more casual recipes reflect the family-style dishes served at Nightingale and the casual fare of Bel Café (a downtown lunchtime go-to destination). The recipes included require varying levels of skill and time commitments, from weekday meals like Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Pickled Ramps Ranch to show-stopping feats of culinary skill like Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with Piquillo Pepper, Parsley, and Beef Tendon. Casual foodies and adventurous cooks alike will find new culinary pleasures with Chef Hawksworth as their guide.

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ISBN-13: 9780525610090
Publisher: Appetite by Random House
Publication date: 10/13/2020
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 1,159,261
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 11.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

CHEF DAVID HAWKSWORTH is widely regarded as one of North America's greatest chefs. Born and raised in Vancouver, he spent a decade training at Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK, such as Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, L'Escargot, and The Square. He returned to Vancouver in 2000 and took his first Head Chef position at Ouest (later renamed West). In 2008 he became the youngest chef inducted into the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame. Chef Hawksworth opened his eponymous restaurant in 2011, at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It was named 2012 and 2013 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant of the Year and Chef of the Year, followed by five consecutive wins for Best Upscale Dining, and was in enRoute magazine's top three Best New Restaurants, and as Maclean's magazine's Restaurant of the Year. Chef Hawksworth opened his second restaurant, Nightintale, in 2013. He also operates two locations of Bel Café, Hawksworth Catering, the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship Foundation, and an exclusive culinary partnership with Air Canada.

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From the Introduction
This is my first cookbook with my name on the spine, and it spans my whole professional career. We selected the recipes on the basis of quality—but also for range. I’ve included a few from my early career in the UK in the 90s because they informed so much of what I did afterward that; to me, their significance never fades. There are others from my early days at Ouest (then renamed West) that I thought really captured a moment. A few others date back to the early days at Hawksworth. Most are from our current repertoire—at Hawksworth, at Nightingale, and at Bel Café. So the cooking here represents a lot of different styles. 

But even though cooking always evolves, ingredients go in and out of style, tech- niques change, and what we understand about eating well and healthily changes how we cook, a lot of things remain the same. Those are the lessons I learned first-hand in my early years working for some great, pioneering chefs—from Marco Pierre White at the Canteen, to Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, and Philip Howard at the Square. I learned that a good dish always has balance in its seasoning, acidity, and tex- tures, and always has a harmonious—not distracting—mix of ingredients on the plate. If you understand that, and the importance of classic old-school techniques, you get what makes great cooking—whatever its style. 

My style has changed a lot over the years. The journey from when I first made my mark in Vancouver at Ouest with my idea of a new West Coast French cuisine, to the lighter, more multicultural idea of fine dining I now put forward at Hawksworth and the Californian- Italian–inspired vision of Nightingale has been a long one. And it would not have been possible without the key players I’ve been lucky enough to have on my team. They know who they are and how grateful I am for their contribution. 

In some ways, I count on them more, and push them harder than ever before. Sure, I drove my brigade really hard when I was in the kitchen every day, directing traffic from the pass. But nowadays I demand even more of them in an arrangement that’s tougher for me, too: I have to trust them completely to execute my vision, to my standards, even when I’m not around. No one can be everywhere at once, and I’m no exception. I also like to travel; it’s a great source of ideas. These days if I’m cooking somewhere at night it’s usually at my house, for my family. Or maybe I’ve just gone fishing. 

In the pages that follow you’ll find recipes and stories from all the places that are so important to me. I hope you like them nearly as much as I do. 

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