Hayden Poulter, Serial Killer: An anthology of True Crime

Hayden Poulter, Serial Killer: An anthology of True Crime

by Ruth Kanton




The ConfessionAt 11:13 p.m. on October 26, 1996, a man limped into the Auckland Central Police Station and placed a 16cm army knife on the public counter. He then asked for a constable, telling the officer at the counter that it was about "important matters." The man was directed into an interview room to wait for a constable, and the knife was taken into evidence. The officer realized that the man had an injury on his leg, but did not ask about it. Once he was situated in the interview room, the detectives began a videotaping the interview, waiting to see what the man on the other side - now identified as Hayden Tyrone Poulter - wanted to say.Poulter stated that he was the one who murdered Natacha Hogan on October 19, 1996. According to Poulter, on that fateful morning, he had been barhopping on Karangahape Road, looking "to find a bitch to kill." What happened next would live forever in the annals of New Zealand True Crime...

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Publication date: 08/21/2020
Pages: 74
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