Haydn: The London Symphonies Nos. 93-104

Haydn: The London Symphonies Nos. 93-104

by Georg Solti

CD(Special Edition)


Recorded between 1981 and 1992, Sir Georg Solti's mainstream performances with the London Symphony Orchestra of Haydn's 12 "London Symphonies" reappear after a long absence in this four-disc set. As might be expected, the playing is robust and energetic, and the resources of the modern orchestra are amply deployed. These, then, are not period performances, and Solti's interpretations are not especially Classical in flavor, for they strongly tend toward Beethoven in bluntness and vigor. Granted, the late symphonies reflect a real change of direction for Haydn, following his employment under Prince Nikolaus Eszterháza, and the new styles he absorbed in the 1790s also influenced Beethoven; so, arguably, Solti's slightly anachronistic presentation can be justified, if the period is considered broadly. However, a little of the LSO's homogenized sound goes a long way, and listeners who like their Haydn shaded with the timbres of original instruments may tire quickly of these readings. The most celebrated symphonies in this set are "No. 94," "Surprise"; "No. 101," "The Clock"; and, of course, "No. 104," "London," but some of the most delightful music is in the underplayed works without nicknames, which deserve equal attention. Just be sure to try other renditions -- perhaps those by Harnoncourt, Mackerras, or the Hanover Band -- for a balanced perspective.

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Release Date: 10/12/2004
Label: Decca
UPC: 0028947555124
catalogNumber: 000321402


  1. Symphony No. 93 in D major, H. 1/93
  2. Symphony No. 94 in G major ("Surprise"/"The Drumstroke"/"Mit dem Paukenschlag"), H. 1/94
  3. Symphony No. 101 in D major ("Clock"), H. 1/101
  4. Symphony No. 95 in C minor, H. 1/95
  5. Symphony No. 96 in D major ("Miracle"), H. 1/96
  6. Symphony No. 99 in E flat major, H. 1/99
  7. Symphony No. 97 in C major, H. 1/97
  8. Symphony No. 98 in B flat major, H. 1/98
  9. Symphony No. 103 in E flat major ("Drumroll"), H. 1/103
  10. Symphony No. 100 in G major ("Military") H. 1/100
  11. Symphony No. 102 in B flat major, H. 1/102
  12. Symphony No. 104 in D major ("London"), H. 1/104

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