HB Effective Bus COMM Custom

HB Effective Bus COMM Custom

by Primis



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ISBN-13: 9780072926804
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Create (TM)
Publication date: 07/28/1997

Table of Contents

Written Business Communication
A Strategic Approach to Business Communication
The "Company" Assignment Set for Coms 330
Researching Companies: Sources and Strategies
Resume Strategies
Design and Strategies for News Releases
Event Planning Process and Strategy
Presentation Strategies
Where Do I Put My Hands and other Presentation Dilemmas
Visual Presentation of Data
Interpersonal Elements of Business Communication
Schmoozing: A Strategy for Developing Business Relationships
Persuasive Strategies in the Workplace
The Role of Negotiation in Career Development
Business Ethics in Contemporary America
Gender and the Workplace:Myths and Realities
New Communication Technologies in the Workplace
On First Encountering Communication Technologies in teh Workplace
Netiquette: Understanding and Using Electronic Mail
The Use of Computer-Mediated Communication in Organizations: A Research Report
Using the Pine Electronic Mail System
Internet Glossary
Forms and Exercises
(and more...)

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